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Monday, October 3, 2016

Hangin' Out~

Quite time on the Homestead!  The quietest it's been in weeks!  Beautiful weather, time to gather up & sort through the items that remain.  Enough items we'll be taking another U-Haul & towing the Bronco on a car hauler.  Butch has been so impressed with the comfort level of the interior of the new U-Haul truck, he said driving one will be more enjoyable than the Bronco's rough 4-wheel ride.
Fall in the Woods~
Speaking of my Bronco...  It was nice enough to let me know with some groaning sounds - that the power steering pump was going out - it's in the shop.  Better here - than on the road somewhere!
Nika in Kitt's old spot behind the swing~
Nika & I have even had time for my morning tea up on the swing!  Such amazing days we've been having!  Farah too, has come up to ask me more than once, why we're not going out.  She's been enjoying more time in the pasture.
Farah relaxing~
No blankets for the gold girl!  I keep looking at her sleek coat, summer hair shedding out & gradually starting to lighten.  I'm hoping I can convince her to grow a thick one :-)  I've packed her heavy blanket, rain sheet & mid-weight traveling blanket - but by now I'd usually have a light weight sheet on her.
The barrel rings that make the large wind spinner - Butch made me years ago - came from my Great Aunt's farm in Iowa.  I don't know if we'll be climbing up to retrieve them.  I'd need a huge tree to hang them from.  There are two nice ones - so we'll see.
Creek with water~
The creek is finally starting so show some water.  Not running yet - that used to happen in mid-September.  With the days of upcoming rain in the forecast - I may get to see it flowing yet before we leave!
Black Cottonwood~
The largest of the Black Cottonwoods is starting to turn yellow - they are so beautiful & smell So good this time of year.  Each time I walk the woods now, is special to me.  I find the Cedars I've planted, all growing well enough - my planting - some well over 5ft. tall.  The new owners haven't asked any questions about the woods, but I've left my notebooks & certificates for them, in the Cottage.
Three Fingers~
The view of Three Fingers from up behind the barn - always stunning - will be one I will miss...  There are many, many things we'll miss - but it's time.  Even when we thought they might not - things did fall into place & we're very grateful for the friends who helped that happen!  Our timing has worked out & I'm enjoying each of our final days on the Homestead~

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