Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Photography Evolution

Since my first Brownie Hawkeye, to a Kodak Instamatic 100, Cannon AE1 and Cannon A1...  From film to digital, I've loved the sound of the shutter! Capturing that moment in time that is otherwise only in our memories...

As a child, I was the family Photographer & still have my original albums.   My first love has always been horses, with nature & the great outdoors, coming in a close second!  Living in Colorado for so many years made that easy!  As a young suburban mom, I tried school picture photography part-time.  A team of three, we used two camera set-ups & usually did  one school a day.  I had so much fun & really enjoyed getting those smiles!

While we lived in Glenwood Springs, I attended Colorado Mountain Collage, & enjoyed several photography classes.  These were the old days :-)  "Film" anyone remember that term?   But the Aspen area drew some fine photographers - who appeared often in the classroom.  With a lot of urging I entered a photo in the yearly;  Aspen Photography Contest.  After the show - I was stunned to learn that my entry had earned honorable mention in the scenic category.  I'm going to have to try scanning that print...

When Butch brought us to Washington,  I fell back on my early School Picture Photographer skills, to obtain employment for both of us :-)  Christmastime 81, Butch was Santa!  He flew into Northgate Mall in a hot air balloon & was featured on the local nightly news!  He had the best "Ho Ho Ho" ever!  I was his picture taking Elf!

I spent several seasons here in WA working for Professional School Pictures in Everett.  Sometimes as many as 600 individual  pictures a day on my own!  Anyone who has had that experience knows how difficult & rewarding it can be.  My claim-to-fame was being the only other photographer besides the owner, to have no-retake schools!  I still have a proof roll or two of some of my classes.

The advent of digital media has allowed not only for  instant gratification, but increased my output tremendously!  My first film-less camera - was the Agfa ePhoto 307 in 1999.  Next a Kodak EasyShare DX6430 in 2003.  With each change, the quality of digital photos improved, but I still used my Cannon A1 too.

My Sony DSC-H7 took over 5,000 pictures, Butch used it at work for years.  Next was the  Cannon Power Shot SX30 IS.  Easy to operate, with a ton of functions that came in handy & the quality was outstanding.  Butch's truck was broken into & the Sony stolen.  That gave me an excuse to hand off the Power Shot & buy my dream camera - the Nikon D7000.   I'm still early in the "learning to use it" stage, sometimes I think the camera is using me, but when it comes to a camera that can really capture the moment - it is truly amazing!

 I've recently upgraded my smartphone to a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active - impressive photos for a phone!  I use it when I forget my Canon SX600HS.  The Canon has good clarity, plenty of pixels, decent - if slow zoom & is much better at capturing the details in the woods.  I have a case that I clip to the front of the saddle & works like a holster.