Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove


When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will 
ever have~
Sir Winston Churchill
June 2016 - Nehalem Bay, OR
History~  Farah arrived on the Homestead late in the evening June 4th, 2011 - after we'd completed a one day, round-trip to central, Oregon to pick her up.  Five at that time, she's registered with the American Warmblood Society & of mixed pedigree.  (Our first new horse since Khari's arrival in 2005.)  
First day on the Homestead - Five-years old, June 2011~
My niece purchased Farah - as she was turning two.  We'd visited a couple times, always impressed with the mare.  When she was put up for sale - I talked Butch into letting me giver her a try.  (I was tiring of Endurance & planned to sell my endurance mare, Khari.)  The hope was for Farah to fit into our little family on the Homestead & possibly become my Retirement Ride :-)
June 2012 - Six-years old~
Along with her easy going temperament & super nice manners, she's considered a Chocolate Palomino - except that her mane has turned even darker than her body!  The tail is still platinum silver & very thick!  This is our first time with a non-Arabian & we're liking it!  Here's a post about her breeding.   After my first ride out on the trails, I came home with a smile.  Farah had a great attitude & loved getting out.  She'd spent most of her life stabled.
At the November 2011, Open Trail Course, Mission Farrier School - Monroe, WA

2011, Farah had been started under saddle & spent some time in arenas - but had only been on a couple short trail rides around the stable where she was boarded.  The first time I saddled her up, Post~  I was thrilled!  It was back to basics - long slow distance, time on the trails.  We receive many compliments from our riding friends on how happy & willing Farah was!  I fell in love with her swinging, fast, ground covering walk!  Very little spooking, lots of forward!  All Good!  

She spent the winter & on into spring - on Dean's farm, recovering from some type of "scratches" on her left hind leg.  This actually worked out OK, since Khari had decided she didn't like Farah & tried to kick her every time we turned them out...  The feelings were mutual. 
Farah on Dean's Farm - June 6th, 2012

2012, Our second year started in June.  The day Khari shipped out to Texas, (First stop on her way to Saudi Arabia.)  Farah came back home!   It was a stellar riding year, due in large part to my long-time friend Linda, who led us on some of the most fantastic rides!  Logging up to 30+ miles a week, "swishing" through the trees & riding all day long!  We took a few lessons at Fire Run Farm in Snohomish, WA - with Cowboy Dressage as a possible goal.  Over Labor Day weekend, we took a private lesson  from Jack Brainard at the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center.  I'm interested in learning more about Light Hands Horsemanship.
During our lesson with Jack
August 4th, we enter the Bare Bones Endurance ride, where we finished 7th &  Farah was Awarded High Vet Score!  This ride also gave me my AERC 250-mile patch in Limited Distance.  
Farah trots out for BC judging~
The 18th, I audited a Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Eitan-Beth Halachmy  at Rhodes River Ranch.  We completed the WJ1 test.  Challenging for a rider who's always made it a point to avoid arenas!

 January 2013 -  We started lessons with Sandra France Nichols at Ensbrook Farm.  When discussing goals, I decided to have Sandra to concentrate on Farah's training under saddle -  collection, impulsion, cadence & control.

Valentine's Weekend, we drove to Bolender Horse Park to participate in a Mountain & Extreme Trail course.  This was very challenging & a Lot of fun!  Here's the post~   

April was a busy month for us, we spent the weekend of the 20-21st. - at Butlerhill Equestrian Center & took Bill Richey's - Mounted Police Horse Training!  On the 27th - we attended the ATCHA Competitive Ride at the WA State Horse park!
With our friends~
May 19th,  Scheduling finally worked out in our favor & Farah was presented for her American Warmblood Inspection - at Chalice Farms, Polsbo, WA - where she received "Red Preferred" status!  This qualified her for the AWS brand!
Farah's Official Registration
 June 29th, we make the trip over to the  Renegade Endurance Ride & entered the Limited DistancePost~  Finishing in second place, Farah was awarded Best Condition!
Renegade  (Photo by Jessica Anderson)
The first weekend of August, we again drove down to the Capitol Forest to enter the Bare Bones Endurance Ride.  We entered the 30-mile limited distance & finished third.
Butch trots Farah for BC judging.  (Photo by Jessica Anderson)
This year I found & signed up to participate in the Great HorseTrailRiders Distance Derby.  This group of riders started a virtual horse race, where each rider logs their miles during the year - for bragging rights as to miles ridden by years end.  

The day we reached 1,000 miles!
We finished the year in fourth place!   
 Farah was awarded High Mileage Horse - in the Derby for 2013!  
Our actual miles - including the month of January, plus a ride I forgot to post -1,478.  Last ride of the year ~  Post~


 2014,  Our forth year, found us back out on the trails!  Logging miles again, for this years Distance Derby

May 17th - Farah started in her first real (A ride of 50-miles or more.)   Endurance Ride - Mt. Adams.  Finishing 6th place (out of 50 starters), covering the 55-miles in 7-hours.  I enjoyed this ride more than almost any I can remember.  Farah made it easy on me & took good care of herself.
Mt. Adams Endurance Ride
August 2nd, for the third time - Farah & I entered the Bare Bones 30-mile Limited Distance ride.
Bare Bones LD - At the finish - 3rd place
It was cooking hot with lots of bees & bugs out in force!  Even so, Farah had her take charge attitude in full swing!  We kept up with the front runners until the last few miles when I backed off the pace - still finishing over an half-hour ahead of the fourth place horse!  
2014 Distance Derby
By years end - we'd finished second place - in the Derby!  Thrilled with the miles we'd traveled, since all but 85 were on the trail.
Farah's Award
Farah was again awarded High Mileage Horse!  She was super all year & now expects to be ridden often!  I wish we had a job to do out there somewhere :-)  Our final ride was on our own & out from home - Post~  

2015,  Four years together & starting our fifth!  I've decided to back-off the push for mileage & let this year take us where it may.  With the help of a couple friends, we've started the Washington Trail Riders Distance Derby!  This year marks my twentieth in endurance, I can't quite give it up completely & hope to attend at least a ride or two :-)

In March, we were invited on a road-trip to Southern, CA.  The scenery was amazing the riding more so!  I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity.  I posted the stories of each of our rides.  First ride~
Near Joshua Tree National Park~
  May 16th - We entered the Mt. Adams Endurance Ride for the second time.  Post~  Farah won the 55-mile ride in 5 hours 24 min.  She was just outstanding all day, proving to me that she has the bottom & the brains to get the job done!
Mt. Adams Endurance Ride~
 We did a lot of horse camping this season & my favorite thing - riding in new country! :-)  All this year - still looking for, or waiting for, a saddle.  Even with the warmest Summer on record we again topped 1,000-miles on the trail. Finally, the end of November our saddle arrived!  The Stonewall! 

 2016,  Five years!  It's unreal how fast the time goes when you're having fun!   (I handed the reins of the WTRDD over to a friend for 2016.)  This year - no special goals, just the fun stuff :-) 

May 21st - To the Mt. Adams Endurance Ride, we did go!   Finishing in second place - Farah was awarded Best Condition.  Post~  It's fun for us to have a goal to work toward - even if I'm no longer interested in doing ride after ride.  Mt. Adams; perfect trails - a beautiful ride camp & this year - a visit with good friends.  Farah was ready & she proved it in a big way.  Thank You John, for the terrific trot-out! 
John Stevens trots Farah out for Best Condition~


May 9, 2015 Mt. Blanchard Overlook

 Wherever the trail goes, I know I'm enjoying the ride.  Farah has exceeded my expectations.  Talented & naturally athletic, with plenty of attitude, we've forged a strong partnership.  Here's hoping that our future - holds many more miles traveling the trails - together~