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Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrubbing out the Water Tank~

In need of cleaning~
How do they get so dirty?  Mold, crud that can grow no matter how cold it gets, or how fresh the water!  Since Khari hasn't been drinking as she should be...  decided that it was "warm" enough today to get the job done!  Baking soda, salt & a stiff scrub brush do the trick!

Pad for the tank~
Another thing that we did a few years ago, was to pour a small slab for the tank to sit on.  Then two concrete blocks on top of that, for air flow under the tank.  This works for us & saves the bottom of the tank from rusting out.
Ready to fill back up!  There's a heater that goes in too.  I was reminded today that we should Always keep close tabs on what our horses are drinking -- but it's especially important when the temperatures drop.  The thirst mechanism that tells us & our animals that we need to drink, doesn't work as well when it's cold.  If you know how much water is available for your horse in the evening, then check the water level in the morning you get an idea of how much they've had.  This tank has a drip feed, so it's not practical to watch the level.  I'll be adding a bucket in the stall, just to see if she uses it, or continues to prefer the tank.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Fluffy Flakes~

Big fluffy flakes!
This is the sunshine that we were told to "enjoy" before the next front comes in?  OK! 
The beauty is outstanding -- so must enjoy!
It's very few winters where I'm not outside working most of the time - if I'm not riding!  But this winter is different!  I'm going to be drawing up a new "name" sign for our next granddaughter!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bitter Cold Morning! Heading for Redmond~

Leaving Redmond & heading to Duvall
Bitter cold this morning, sun late breaking through the cloud cover to the east.  My very long-time friend; Petra, has been moved to a care facility in Redmond, so I'm going there to visit & see how things are.  The leukemia was finally diagnosed as the worst kind...  If you know Petra, you know that she is handling this beautifully, as the shining, positive person we love.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You know you grew up in Colorado... if...

You go outside on a crisp 20's, sunshine morning to take pictures in your crocks & barefoot!  I remember hanging clothes out to "dry" i.e. "freeze" in the middle of winter, with just my flip-flops on as a kid!  Mom still hangs her clothes out year-round!  No dryer & she still irons!  I wonder why?  :-)  Anyway, it's just so drop-dead gorgeous out there! 

I hope to go see Dean's new filly & help get photos uploaded to his blog for all to see!  In the meantime, caught Rascal in a full run to Khari's stable.  He saw that Kitt was in there & she just "might" be getting something he hadn't found!  Love this boy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Filly Arrives!

Brand new filly in the snow!
How lucky can I be!  To meet this beautiful filly on the first day of her life!  After a long pregnancy, she finally arrived at 1:20 this morning.  Her dam is "Kissntheboysgoodby, a stakes winning race mare, owned by Dean Essex, DVM of Granite Falls Thoroughbred farm.  There will be more of my photos on Dean's blog soon!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ride from Home

Heading up the hill~
It was brisk, but otherwise such a beautiful afternoon that I saddled up & rode out from home.  Still such a luxury - even now that our trails are more urbanized.
Pilchuck Creek
 Even our creek crossing now has a paved bridge over it.  Plans for houses, still - but thankfully no sign of them...
Drainage Basin's too
We did my shorter loop, it was getting a little late in the day, but so nice to be in the saddle.
Our way back~
We didn't spend much time up on the power lines, but soon turned to head back toward home.  Actually pretty warm for February.
View from Between Khari's Ears~
Our final view of the day is always so changeable & beautiful!

Tuesday ~

Still Snow~
The day started with snow, then turned to rain, then the sun emerged & it was snowing in the sunshine!  I've been working in the Greenhouse, tossing out plants that didn't survive & getting my "mini" geraniums ready for transplanting!
Wet in the Woods~

Monday, February 21, 2011

Whew! A busy Weekend!

Looking west at the Edmonds Dock
It started Sat. morning when I drove down to Edmonds to pick up my friend Mary Ann from the Kingston ferry.  Wind blowing & white caps on the water!  Amazing views of the Olympics too.  We'd planned a busy weekend, starting with a stop in Duvall & lunch at the Grange Cafe in Duvall - great food & wonderful old building.  Yum! 

Hours of shopping fun later, we headed home for lasagna & a movie.  Sunday, we were up early - more shopping in Snohomish & a visit to the Bakery.  Finally, on to north Everett, for the highlight of our day - daughter Jentry's Baby Shower!  Our son-in-laws Grandparents; the Haverlocks hosted a wonderful party.  Joe's mother Meri is a professional chef - we enjoyed several beautiful trays of delicious ordure's & sandwiches.  Shower games followed, along with gift opening.  Both families looking forward to a new grand-baby!   

Mary Ann caught the 4:45 ferry back to Bremerton, with her arms full of purchases.  I made it home before dark - a sure sign that our days are getting longer!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes~

Cottage on a snowy morning!
From sunshine to snow!  A wet, drippy, gray morning.  A good day to work on inside "stuff" that needs to be done! I do want to post another link from the National Wildlife Federation;  http://www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife/certify.cfm?campaignid=WH10A150  
Entrance to the Woods
This gives you the opportunity to actually apply & promote your backyard or property as a "Certified Wildlife Habitat".   Ours is #24029!  Years ago, they posted a list of Habitats on their web site, complete with photos, but I can't find that now.  You can order a sign to post on your property that promotes the program too!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Going or Growing Wild~

Indian Plum Blooms
 Since I've opened a venue, I will expound the virtues of growing, protecting, promoting, saving & transplanting  plants that are "Native" to our state.  http://www.wnps.org/ .  This is one of the most colorful, informative sites you'll find to get you enthusiastic enough to try the concept!  Another great program to become acquainted with is the "Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program at;    http://wdfw.wa.gov/living/backyard/.  This is a good basic place to start educating yourself about what You can DO to make your property as wildlife "friendly" as possible.
I've volunteered for a few years now with the ever evolving "Growing Wild" program at;  
http://www.wnps.org/growing_wild.html  I know it can be difficult, especially when some of us have horses, dogs, cats, other misc. livestock that doesn't necessarily intermingle with "wildlife".  Even so, there's so much you can do to improve the property that you are steward of!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Birthday!

Deb Lowe, Me, Charlotte Morgan, Joyce Kellenberger
Happy Birthday to me! Another decade successfully completed! Lunch yesterday with Good Friends! The first thing I found was a beautiful purple mum on the dining room table :-) Sunshine over the mountain this morning, then a planned ride with Joyce - she has a "new" adventure planned!
Mt. Philchuck
For a decade birhday & especially for February - I couldn't have wished for a more perfect day! View of the mountain as I left home~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Gift~

At the entrance~
Above is the signage at the turn heading up to the parking area at Victoria.  this was an improvement made after the original parking area was sold.  While we're happy to have it, it's now some distance from the trails further south.

Today, we were on our own, with the welcome sunshine, I wanted to Get Out & I think Khari felt the same way! I wrapped up my good camera & brought it along, hoping to capture some of the amazing beauty of the cold, clear fresh day. I think the results were worth it!
Very nice new signage~
A very blue sky, low lying clouds & a light breeze, perfect riding weather! Khari was moving smooth & easy - we did a short gallop & some trotting.
Mt. Baldy to the left, Mt. Washington on the right~
  Khari & I contemplated life, as we admired the views. We crossed over the top to the west side of the ridge & enjoyed more of the full late afternoon sunshine.
Khari enjoys the grazing
We were back at the trailer by about 4:30, the sun would be setting before long. Once home, I had the chores done & still had time to enjoy the beautiful late winter sunset!
Cottage at Sunset

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Year of the Rabbit~

Cottage on New Years Day~
Since I didn't start this blog on the first of the new year - the photo above shows the sunshine & light snow that welcomed us to 2011! The Year of the Rabbit - according to the Chinese Zodiac. Yes! It's supposed to be my year :-) I seem to be a metal rabbit! This year will also bring me a decade birthday!

I've managed to already get in some good rides with Joyce. The weather has cooperated & I hope that the year brings me many more enjoyable miles in the saddle!
Kitt waits ~
As we return from our morning walk, Kitt takes her drink from the pond & waits to usher me to the house for her morning cookie :-)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Flower of Feburary~

Though not the "official" flower for the month of February in WA, it's at the top of my list for giving me hope that indeed, there will be spring!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Moon over Three Fingers~
I've decided to start a blog - i.e. book log. For several years I maintained a relatively static website at; Homestead.com. Now - with the continued evolution of technology; combined with improved & easy-to-use software - the flexibility of a blog is appealing. I've decided to try the new venue.

Blogging will give me the opportunity to share my love of riding - through stories & photos of the rides - with you. I'm a very visual person & finding a way to capture the beauty of the nature I'm so lucky to ride through - is an ongoing challenge! Hopefully, some of what I'm going to try to accomplish will transfer to this medium.

A journal of the life, times & views from the trails & from the Homestead~