Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Monday, October 24, 2011

In Awe of Arizona~

Incredible vista's~
It's not that I'm a great one to travel...  at least if it's not on horseback!  :-)  But... when I do get the opportunity to go somewhere, I do my best to enjoy every minute.  Arizona is so different from Western, WA - that it was almost like going to a different planet!  Cactus & Succulents are the plants that fill the ecosystem of the desert!  Would have loved to bring some home, but my 50 lb. bag limit was 1/2 pound over when I checked it in!  That was the 3 t-shirts that I brought home for the grand-kids & shot glass for Butch's collection.
Fountain Hills Golf Course
I was amazed at the amounts of water that it must take to keep these area's green!  No wonder the Colorado River is at an historical low!  Move to a desert, then turn it green?  Sounds typical for we humans :-)

I had planned to stay long enough to do some tourist type things.  One afternoon, we drove out to the old ghost town of Goldfield, on the Apache Trail.  It was laid-out like a mining town of the old west.  Main street was lined with shops, most selling art with a western theme.  One artist made more things out of horseshoes than I had ever imagined possible.  The livery had horses available by the hour or by the day.  Nice looking buckskins were in the corral. 

We also stopped at Apacheland - "Western Movie Capitol of the world", build in 1958.  Only two of the original buildings survived a fire in 1969 that destroyed 18 buildings and another fire in 2004 that brought Apacheland to it's final curtain call. 

"The Yearlings"
Scottsdale was INCREDIBLE!  Plenty of shops full of beautiful merchandise, all with the flair of the Southwest!  My favorite shop was;  Jewels of the West, Old Town Trading Co.  where I ordered some sterling silver galloping horse earrings.  I could have spent a Lot of money there - but have to remember that one of these days I might be able to get a new saddle?  

Anyway, the only thing I really missed - was the opportunity to get out into the desert on horseback.  The weather didn't cooperate, since the temperatures were unseasonably warm - high 90's every day I was there!  When the local's complain... you know you're in trouble!  I did love the horse trail signage though!  This horse & rider looked like they were going somewhere!  Unlike our signs that look like the horse is half asleep!  
AZ "Horse Crossing"!
It was a blast, I had fun - but loved dropping through the clouds to come back to the Emerald City!  It's hard to fly into Seattle without thinking that you're a bit like Dorothy!  I've been freezing since I got home, but think I've finally lost some of the wrinkles!  :-)  Just love this time of year, October is one of my favorite months - all the warm colors,   I've put up our amber twinkle lights on the cottage, front porch & wood shed.   Always so Good to be Home!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Over the Grand Canyon
Thought I've never been there - seeing it from the air was a thrill.  So much fun taking a trip - let alone - when it's to visit my sister's family & attend our niece's wedding!  Starting at the beginning - the flight was just fine :-)  That means I took little pills to keep from getting air-sick...  slept part of the way & took photos out the window the rest of the time :-)
It's hot & sunny here, I'm finally enjoying Summer, even if it's not my usual Washington State Summer!  Since the wedding was yesterday, have time today to work on the photos I've taken to date.  The post-wedding let-down has hit.  Nice to have quality time with family, it's so rare that my sis & I get together, we're making the most of it! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tevis Saturday!

Farah & Khari enjoy the sunshine
What an Incredible day!  Boy did we need one!  I think possibly our first full day of sunshine so far this month!  I took advantage & gave Khari a bath, though in this photo she had already rolled.  I come in the house, check out the Tevis webcast to see how Diane & other friends are doing - then head back outside to soak up more rays!  
Both mares are really growing in their winter coats now!  Khari still has scabs from the girth galls that she had from Bare Bones.  Even with the mohair cinch - the totally soaking wet conditions contributed to the worst soring that she's ever experienced.  I guess it goes along with the rubbing "burns" that I had on the inside of both knees - again - from them being wet all day.  

I did get Farah out for a ride on Thursday.  The replaced shoe stayed on!  She did just Great with the numerous mud puddles - it had rained all night - so she didn't have much choice :-)  She was also bold & forward when leading on the trail.  I see improvement in her every time I take her out.  

Here's hoping that Diane gets her first 100-mile completion at Tevis! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cassidy's 8th Birthday!

Cassidy zooms around on her bike~
Contrary to the Weatherman's dire reports, Sunday was a beautiful day!  Perfect day to celebrate Cassidy's 8th Birthday!  The breakfast brunch was yummy, company great & seeing the kids playing together is always so much fun for us! 
Mason & his scooter
Mason was so excited to show me his tricks, that it took me a minute to realize that he had no shoes!  Even without them, he did an excellent job!
Cassidy, Ben, Skyla & Mason
It doesn't happen often enough...  but when these kids get together - watch out!  :-)  Cassidy now 8, Ben 11, Skyla 6 mo. & Mason 10!  The time seems to have flown by since Ben was born & we began our days as Grandparents...  We enjoy every minute!