Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflections ~

The view out the window of the Cottage was white, cold & crisp.  Today it's gray, mild & wet!  What a difference a year makes!  Reaching the end of a year seems the time to reflect on the trail that wove it's way through the past twelve-months.  Making mental notes of the parts I enjoyed most, places I'd like to avoid, many to improve & some to visit again etc. 

Then!  The FUN part!  Welcoming in MMVII with hopeful hearts & new goals!  Or maybe "resolutions"?   A New Year!  Fresh starts to old projects, new projects & the never-ending "To Do" list!  :-)   Famous for a while now, 2012 is prominently featured in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar.  The History Channel has an interesting series;  Ancient Aliens, fun watching on dark winter nights!  

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Poinsettia Tree - Molbacks Nursery, Woodinville, WA
Spirits are high!  Christmas Eve Day is here!  Christmas music, candles burning, good smells coming from the kitchen - family on the way tomorrow!  
Our Very Best Wishes from the Homestead to all of our blogger friends & family!
Here's hoping that your holiday will be Merry & Bright!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My "Seasonal" Employment~

My view from "work"~
I think this is my third year of watching the farm while the Doctor & his wife are away visiting their home in Mexico.  This picture was taken yesterday afternoon.  The first day of Winter was a beauty here in Western, WA.  Sunshine, clouds floating around, brisk temperatures & a view like this!  You can see the Eagles nest to the far left of the photo.  
The Eagle by his nest~
 I was thrilled to see Mr. Eagle visit toward the end of the day - admiring the sunset on the mountains!  This gives you an idea of just how Big the nest is!  Many generations of young eagles have been born & raised in this nest along the Stillaquamish River.  Protected from the hustle & bustle of the "modern" world by it's location on a private farm - these Eagles know when they have it made.
Day's End - Winter Arrives~
 The sky turned pink - the Mountain was purple - last of the daylight brought with it the cold! 

Friday, December 16, 2011

A cold, hard, wearing trip~

Cottonwoods - Along the River
Funny how you can be going along just fine, doing your daily stuff, making plans & then things change...  I'm back from a quick, expensive trip to Colorado.  After hearing about issues with my father's health, I flew out to see for myself.  Without the details - I can say that it was a very stressful trip, wherein I was only able to spend a short private minute with Dad.  

All I can hope is that it was enough to express to him all he has meant to me.  I've always felt so lucky to have both my parents in my life.  Seems that I planned that to be the case forever.  Sometimes forever isn't as long as you hope.

Driven away from the drama, I used the same escape I have since childhood.  Started walking to find private space.  In the middle of Winter, in a small town on the Great Plains - it can be a cold walk & was in more ways than one.  But I did find natures beauty - I wasn't let down there. 
Being the oldest & always close to my Dad - I expected to help, but have been shut-out.  

A word to the wise, no matter how much you think you can trust someone - even family - be sure that you Never sign a power-of-attorney that names only one person!  Also check to see if other documents have already been filed that you know nothing about - such as a living will, etc.  I feel like I've done what I can & my father seems content with that~

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Classic! :-)

Farah waits :-)
It was only about 30 degrees when I headed out to meet Saddle-up riders at Bracken Rd.  Our early sunshine, degraded to cloud cover & some fog, but we weren't dissuaded from a Great First of December ride!  We had a young filly, first time on the trails, another rider who was ponying her young QH, our group sponsor on a beautiful gray, Farah & me :-)

All the horses got on well, we ended up doing a trail that was a bit more "technical" that we'd planned - but making it through safe/sound made for a feeling of accomplishment!  Tamera did a super job of keeping us on dry trails & out of most of the mud!  Always a challenge here in Western, WA!  A good time was had by all!