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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My "Seasonal" Employment~

My view from "work"~
I think this is my third year of watching the farm while the Doctor & his wife are away visiting their home in Mexico.  This picture was taken yesterday afternoon.  The first day of Winter was a beauty here in Western, WA.  Sunshine, clouds floating around, brisk temperatures & a view like this!  You can see the Eagles nest to the far left of the photo.  
The Eagle by his nest~
 I was thrilled to see Mr. Eagle visit toward the end of the day - admiring the sunset on the mountains!  This gives you an idea of just how Big the nest is!  Many generations of young eagles have been born & raised in this nest along the Stillaquamish River.  Protected from the hustle & bustle of the "modern" world by it's location on a private farm - these Eagles know when they have it made.
Day's End - Winter Arrives~
 The sky turned pink - the Mountain was purple - last of the daylight brought with it the cold! 

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  1. Eagles, beautiful views, and lots of land? Sounds like my kind of job!


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