Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hangin' Out~

Quite time on the Homestead!  The quietest it's been in weeks!  Beautiful weather, time to gather up & sort through the items that remain.  Enough items that we'll be taking another U-Haul & towing the Bronco on a car hauler.  Butch has been so impressed with the comfort level of the interior of the new U-Haul truck, that he said driving one will be more enjoyable than the Bronco's rough 4-wheel ride.
Fall in the Woods~
Speaking of my Bronco...  It was nice enough to let me know with some groaning sounds - that the power steering pump was going out - it's in the shop.  Better here - than on the road somewhere!
Nika in Kitt's old spot behind the swing~
Nika & I have even had time for my morning tea up on the swing!  Such amazing days we've been having!  Farah too, has come up to ask me more than once, why we're not going out.  She's been enjoying more time in the pasture.
Farah relaxing~
No blankets for the gold girl!  I keep looking at her sleek coat, summer hair shedding out & gradually starting to lighten.  I'm hoping I can convince her to grow a thick one :-)  I've packed her heavy blanket, rain sheet & mid-weight traveling blanket - but by now I'd usually have a light weight sheet on her.
The barrel rings that make the large wind spinner - Butch made me years ago - came from my Great Aunt's farm in Iowa.  I don't know if we'll be climbing up to retrieve them.  I'd need a huge tree to hang them from.  There are two nice ones - so we'll see.
Creek with water~
The creek is finally starting so show some water.  Not running yet - that used to happen in mid-September.  With the days of upcoming rain in the forecast - I may get to see it flowing yet before we leave!
Black Cottonwood~
The largest of the Black Cottonwoods is starting to turn yellow - they are so beautiful & smell So good this time of year.  Each time I walk the woods now, is special to me.  I find the Cedars I've planted, all growing well enough - my planting - some well over 5ft. tall.  The new owners haven't asked any questions about the woods, but I've left my notebooks & certificates for them, in the Cottage.
Three Fingers~
The view of Three Fingers from up behind the barn - always stunning - will be one that I will miss...  There are many, many things we'll miss - but it's time.  Even when we thought they might not - things did fall into place & we're very grateful for the friends who helped that happen!  Our timing has worked out & I'm enjoying each of our final days on the Homestead~

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Butch & Dave's Great Road-Trip!

This morning, Butch & Dave saw the sunrise in Montana.  There's just something about sunrise in the West~
Dave's amazing photo~
Leave it to these two - to take the route that puts them just where they wanted to be :-)  Not in time for the big rally - maybe not driving a U-Haul - but a great place to make a stop~!
By now, they've traveled well over 1,000-miles - with the Ford U-Haul truck cruising right along!
Dave & the U-Haul~
It's great that even when they don't have much cell phone reception - in most cases they can still sent out a text.
In Town~
They walked the town & had nachos & beer!
Dave & Butch at lunch~
So glad they're taking a little time for some stops!  :-)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Packing Up, Butch & U-Haul Leave & a Birthday!

We spend Friday - all day Friday - packing the U-Haul!  It was crazy, the amount of boxes that we had packed!  Without Donnie - who came up early & later Kyla & Pat - we couldn't have gotten it done!  By early evening - two more friends came up after working all day & helped with the final push!  I was way too busy to take photos, sure wish I had.  After we were done, we managed to find enough chairs to sit!  Next you ask?  Margarita's out of a can & beers for all!

Butch & I spent the night in the camper - both exhausted.  Butch was up & gone with the truck by 6 a.m. the next morning.  He picked up our son-in-law Dave & they were on their way!
To Montana!
 By just after 2 p.m. Butch sent this photo as they crossed from ID to Montana!  The next text was after 7:30 p.m. when they'd stopped for dinner & the night just outside of Bozeman MT.
Cassidy & Cupcakes!
I'd been invited to Granddaughter Cassidy's birthday party.  Hard to believe that she's now 13 & officially a teenager :-)   Courtney served a wonderful taco bar for dinner, then the Poke Ball Cupcakes for dessert!
Cassidy, Mason & friends!
The girls wanted to go see Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children in Monroe.  It was quite the movie!  It wasn't Mason who was scared - it was Grammy!  I told him I was about ready to sit on his lap & close my eyes!  :-)  To just sit in a chair & be entertained was amazing after the last week...

Nika is sticking close - Donnie came up to feed Farah.  Now, I'll be rattling around an almost empty house for a few days!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Travelin' Papers~

As the days fly by at the speed of sound - we're getting all the things done that need doing!  Today, we headed to Pilchuck Vet in Snohomish.  We had our traveling papers to get done & I'd been remiss in getting Farah's teeth scheduled last year.  I thought that it had been August of 15 when we'd last been in - but no - it was February!
Dr. Holohan & Farah
I've known that Farah was putting on a couple pounds - not as much time out on the trails as usual - since I've been busy boxing & packing!  Sure enough - she tipped the scales at an even 1,100 lbs!  Up about 20lbs. from her highest weight to date.  Not that she'll complain!  Her girth still fits in the same hole - so we'll call it muscle :-)  I am happy though that she'll be starting the trip with a few extra pounds.

After over a year - Farah had a hook starting & had formed some transverse ridges on her molars.  The pocket that we'd worked so hard on over the past couple years - had reappeared & was again holding food :-(  Not nearly as bad as originally - but now we'll need a follow-up in six-months to check on it.

Dr. Holohan did suggest a couple things for traveling.   The first was Soft-Ride Boots - the sizing looks interesting & I doubt I'll have time to order, so we may go to the Bony Pony to check on what they might have in stock.  I'm not sure how well they'll work with steel shoes - so more reading to do.  The other idea was to use Back-On-Track Wraps.  These look easy to use & I like the idea of the ceramic power infused into the fabric.

Since Farah has traveled long-distance more than once - without anything & without any issues - I'm not worried.  But we may splurge in the hope of adding to her comfort.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Seattle Knights at Rhodes River!

We've been lucky - getting to see both sets of Grand-kids in these last weeks in WA.  Both weekends we were working at packing of course - but we managed to get in some fun too.
Mason, Grammy, Cassidy & Papa
Months ago we'd made plans to take Scott & Karen to Rhodes River to see the Seattle Knights!  One member of the cast - I felt like I knew personally - since Ann had joined our Distance Derby.  We'd been trying to make plans to see the show since last year.
Great table!
Then, our oldest daughter & her husband were celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary this same weekend - so we included Mason & Cassidy in our dinner plans!  It couldn't have worked out any better!
Mason, Ann & Cassidy
The troupe visited the dinner guests in the restaurant prior to the show.  We were told that it was perfectly alright to yell & shout - & even pound on the table for our favorite players!  Ann & I finally had the opportunity to meet in person!  The entire ensemble graciously took the time to make everyone there - feel like part of the performance!  The place was packed!  Probably the biggest crowd I've ever seen at the RRR!
Mason & Chocolate Cake!
 The dinner buffet was outstanding & the kids topped off their dinner with warm chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate icing & whipped cream!
It was my first introduction to the Warlander breed!  What amazing movers!  A gray stallion was so bold & beautiful that he took your breath away!  They knew their job & gave very nasty looks as they approached each other at a full gallop!  (Much better photos can be found on their website!)
Cassidy & Gina
After the show, the cast came back to visit with the crowd.   Cassidy is a fan of Anime & makes many of her own costumes from Goodwill finds!  She really enjoyed seeing the amazing outfits & armor close up!  Gina's costume & weapon drew Cassidy's attention early on.

There's no way you can't go to this show & not have a Great time!  One little girl approached Ann as she was talking with us, wanting a hug & even getting a kiss on the cheek :-)  As Ann said;  "Now you know why I do this!"  For sure!