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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Travelin' Papers~

As the days fly by at the speed of sound - we're getting all the things done that need doing!  Today, we headed to Pilchuck Vet in Snohomish.  We had our traveling papers to get done & I'd been remiss in getting Farah's teeth scheduled last year.  I thought that it had been August of 15 when we'd last been in - but no - it was February!
Dr. Holohan & Farah
I've known that Farah was putting on a couple pounds - not as much time out on the trails as usual - since I've been busy boxing & packing!  Sure enough - she tipped the scales at an even 1,100 lbs!  Up about 20lbs. from her highest weight to date.  Not that she'll complain!  Her girth still fits in the same hole - so we'll call it muscle :-)  I am happy though that she'll be starting the trip with a few extra pounds.

After over a year - Farah had a hook starting & had formed some transverse ridges on her molars.  The pocket that we'd worked so hard on over the past couple years - had reappeared & was again holding food :-(  Not nearly as bad as originally - but now we'll need a follow-up in six-months to check on it.

Dr. Holohan did suggest a couple things for traveling.   The first was Soft-Ride Boots - the sizing looks interesting & I doubt I'll have time to order, so we may go to the Bony Pony to check on what they might have in stock.  I'm not sure how well they'll work with steel shoes - so more reading to do.  The other idea was to use Back-On-Track Wraps.  These look easy to use & I like the idea of the ceramic power infused into the fabric.

Since Farah has traveled long-distance more than once - without anything & without any issues - I'm not worried.  But we may splurge in the hope of adding to her comfort.  

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