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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Butch's Going Away Party~

After twenty-four years with Sea Con LLC, the company hosted Butch's going away party at what became his signature project - the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville.   Another absolutely perfect day - first of Fall in the Pacific Northwest.  I think the state is trying to woo us into staying :-)
Here's to Butch!
Many have said over the years that the Sea Con dynamic resembled a large dysfunctional family during a holiday :-)  From the first, when Brian lured Butch away from our steady employment at multi-family properties, into commercial construction, the projects have come & gone.  Red Hook - though - was the one that always stood out.  It was the best place to gather & honor the career of their top Superintendent.
Butch & Dave
Butch & Dave go all the way back to the start & as the years went by - they became the company's senior Superintendents.  Butch's skill on a variety of projects, gained him the job of training the partner's sons as they completed their education & entered the company.   To see these men now handling their own projects & thanking Butch for his mentoring was great!
All hands on deck~
It was a night for story-telling - most at my husbands expense!  :-)  These guys even had stories that were new to me!  :-)  We laughed hard & long.
Cards & gift~
Rob gave a short speech, crediting Butch with his years of service.  Expressions of how much he would be missed & wishing us well with our upcoming move.  It was really hard to say good-bye to these people - years of shared history here - friends all~

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  1. It is a sweet and sour moment, but it is very nice to be appreciated. Wish you and Connie the best. Sara Jane


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