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Monday, September 12, 2016

Feel of the Forest~

Today - it was time for Farah & I to move out...  We're both so used to being out on our own - that I think the mare craves it as much as I do.
It was just a stunning day - clear, bright, blue & with that incredible on-shore flow that kept the leaves of the trees dancing all day long.  I'd had a bunch of calls to make this morning - so it was noon by the time we arrived at Victoria's parking.  Several trailers there & as many cars parked along side the road.
Leigh & Kathy left a little while ahead of us - but we came up on them just a mile or so out - spooking Leigh's mare a little :-)  We chatted - Leigh told the story of her encounter with a Bear & bees too - on the same ride! I was pretty cautious going up where I'd heard the bears cross the road.
Even the weeds are pretty~
Farah was on her A-game - we were making time all the way to the monument.  There - we ran into two of our Trailduster friends & again enjoyed visiting.  As busy as I've been - it felt so good to be out on such a gorgeous day.
 We crossed over to the Lake McMurray overlook - Farah took advantage of a phone call I had to answer to continue her lunch break :-)  I could hear the roar of ATV's coming all the way across the valley from the Morgan Horse side of the tree farm.  Farah even stopped once to listen.
Whitehorse & Three Fingers
The little trees that were planted in the clear-cut are growing so fast that I can see this view disappearing in just a few years :-(
The slip & slide~
I walked down from the top on foot, then re-mounted just before entering this trail.  Such a pretty section, Farah's hind feet slid several times.  It's almost like a slip & slide - the dirt is so compacted.  Once it rains - it will definitely be slippery.  I couldn't even see a print from Farah's shoes.
Heading down again~
I wanted to go all the way to the bottom, but we ran out of time, so I took the other trail down to the old road that's mid-way on the mountain.  There were a few blackberries ripe just as we went in.  There's always been something about the feel of the forest on this mountain - even as clear-cut as it's been - it still retains something of the character that it must have had - when it was covered with old-growth.

When we started back up - Farah had the assent timed perfectly!  She leaped into a full gallop & we flew!  I did yell;  "horse coming!" as we blasted up :-)  She's never better than when she's at a full run!  I yell "Yippee" & she turns on the afterburners :-)
Mt. Rainier
We took the main old road back, again running into Leigh & Kathy.  They had the same idea & wondered if the blow-down had been cleared.  We went ahead - I told them if they didn't see us coming back their direction - it was clear :-)  It was & I was rewarded with this view of Mt. Rainier!  Stunning end to a fun ride~

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