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Friday, September 9, 2016

Lord Hill Learning Experience~

Joan & I had been planning to meet here for weeks.  Today, we were so lucky to have such a beautiful day!  Jennifer rode Cody - who was thrilled to have Farah for his companion - while Joan hiked & pointed us in the direction of the trails she wanted me to see :-)
Farah & Cody
One portion of a new trail - 2.7-miles was as beautiful as any I've seen here. There were several trailers in the parking area & we ran into quite a few riders - one group honing their Search & Rescue skills.
By one of the wetlands~
It's so nice to see an Equestrian park that gets so much use by Equestrians!  As the only one in Snohomish County - we hope that our numbers support the continued use of these trails as bike groups lobby for expanded space.
Jenn on Cody~
This park loved by so many for so long, is a gem into & of itself.  With such an incredible diversity of the native plant communities - that manage to hold their own - even against the ever increasing invasive species.
Erratic Rock!
Riding this trail - it's hard to miss this incredible boulder!  Joan told us that it is an erratic rock - transported by a Glacier & left behind as the Glacier melted.  To think of the size of an ice sheet capable of moving a rock this large, is truly beyond the imagination!
Other side of the rock~
Farah was very good today, especially since she hadn't been out for over a week!  Just one big buck on a steep downhill with a nice drop off the side!  I know I'll have to get her out again & let her open up a little to burn off some steam :-)
Beautiful little bowl~
This park hosts so many Equestrian events;  with room for over 70 rigs, it's one place where large events can be held.  The new trail I rode today - designated LH2 adds distance & is for horses only.  Even if only 2.7-miles - it's a very pleasant ride - so nice to not have to be watching for the next bike to fly around a corner.
The old Quarry~
Already the bike lobby has increased their footprint here - with bike only trails.  Originally bikes were allowed in on a trial basis - continued use would depend on whether conflicts between the user groups occurred.  Another concern was possible degradation to the sensitive/natural areas.  As most of us who ride the Victoria trails know - mountain bikes have compacted the trails to the point where the horses slip on the downhill sections.  Now, bikes have trails in the central & north pipeline areas here.

If you do search some of the bike sites - you'll be shocked at the bad publicity that's out there regarding horses on trails.  Environmental impact studies are relatively new - since the numbers of mountain bikes on the trails have increased exponentially the last few years - at least in our region.  If you read too much - it might scare you as to what the future may hold...
Our route~
Again - it takes participation - Equestrian participation at planning meetings, trail-clearing parties, charity events, wherever we can keep our right-to-ride in the public eye... 

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  1. I loved riding at Lord Hill when I lived in Snohomish! It is definitely a great place to bring horses.


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