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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Riding with Lynn~

It was not from lack of trying - but it's been busy out for me.  Finally - we found a day that worked for us both to ride!  It had been way too long!

Waking to cool temperatures & cloud cover seemed strange after the string of sunshine days!  I even took my jacket.  We decided on Lord Hill - one place that isn't too long a drive for either of us.  It was only my second visit this year.
On the trails~
 It's easy to forget how lush & beautiful these trails are.  Both mares were in season, Farah giving Sophie snarky looks - I smacked her for it.  Lynn was a perfect trail guide.
On the newer trail~
The string of wetlands through here are so beautiful & the quiet of the morning was wonderful.  Besides a few birds, all was serene.  Taking one trail early in the ride, Farah came to a quick halt.  I looked down to see where a very large hole had opened in the trail, going all the way across into the Salmonberry.  It looked deep - so we backed the mares up & went a different way.  It will take a Lot of rock to fill it in.
At the River~
On the way to the river, Farah was walking down the middle of the old road, when I felt her drop & a front foot had broken through into another pretty deep hole.  I was thankful that we weren't trotting!
Connie & Farah
The Snohomish River was So low!  We could see fish jumping.  Farah waded out quite a distance from shore before she started yawning :-)
Lynn & Sophie
Sophie was totally distracted by something in the distance - No swishing tail!  Both mares had a nice sheen of sweat by the time we'd started looping back.  I could feel that the humidity was high & was surprised when I downloaded my Garmin that we'd done over 1,400 feet of elevation gain.
Falling leaves!
Leaves were already starting to fall from the huge Cottonwoods!  It even smelled like Fall!  Of course the cool, cloudy day contributed to the feeling.
Our route~
I had to ask Lynn to cut our ride a little short.  We got in almost ten-miles & if I'd had more time, Lynn said we could have squeezed in about 13.  The only place we missed was the lookout.  Hopefully - we'll do that next time!

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