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Friday, August 19, 2016

It's HOT!

As I walked up to the woods this morning - things were already warming up!  Even in the shade, it was warm, without the nice breeze we had yesterday.  I made the circuit - picking up branches on my way around.  By the time I was back at the Cottage, I checked to see if there was any sign of the bindweed that I've been working to eradicate at the edge of the creek.  The weed had established itself at the base of the Salmonberry bushes.  The soil is moist &  rich - so the vine winds it's way up to the top of the Salmonberry branches & blooms.  Sure enough - there were two places where sickly looking vines were growing up. 
From the Cottage~
I sat down my cup, my phone & went for the pruners & weed spray.  Soon I was cutting, chopping dead Salmonberry & spot spraying the bindweed.  It's crazy how quickly this area can get out of control - or maybe it just seems quick!
The entire area has gone through many changes.  I've tried different shrubs & flowers, most are unsuccessful.  The Big Leaf Maple grows, casting more shade, the reed canary grass, that I've fought forever got started in the ornamental sweet flag.  Now, I'm faced with killing the sweet flag to get to the reed canary grass :-(
Grass filling in~
I ended up working my way all around the edges, even finding, the hard way...  Blackberry!  Yesterday too, I worked most of the day just to cut things back off the trail past the south end of the house.
Everything cut back!
It doesn't look like much - I should have taken a before!  The Sycamore Tree has grown so much that the Smoke tree doesn't get enough light.  I cut it way back & will probably take it out.  I've had Farah five-years now & during that time - gave up all my yard work for riding a lot of miles!  Working on the landscaping moved down my to-do list.
Results of my labor~
When Butch pulled in the gate last night - he took one look at me & said;  "We'll go out for dinner."  :-)  Worked for me!  Now, we have all the mess above to cut up.
Coming back to the house at lunch, I found my trusty Beagle boy laying on the cool concrete, waiting patiently for the cookie that he'd expected hours earlier :-)  I hope it cools off soon, so I'll be more willing to haul out & hit the trail!

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