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Monday, August 22, 2016

Round & Round We Go~

A beautiful, cool day with a perfect breeze.  After another busy weekend, everyone else had the same idea I did - Ride!  The parking at Victoria was full except for one spot, but the trailer at the far end was leaving so I waited. 
Full parking~
I'd seen a small white car out on the road coming in, but didn't pay any further attention until we were leaving. As we walked up to the mounting rock, here was the little car, taking up the last space in the lot - driver & passenger gone.
Small car - big parking spot~
 I have to admit that I was stuck speechless.  I can't imagine how anyone could be so thoughtless - but someone was...
Past the lodge~
You can just see the Glass School lodge in the far background.  Now the mess from the logging is piled - whether to burn or what I don't know.  Sure not the beautiful view from the lodge that they had - I'm sure.
Farah hears the equipment~
When I think of all the years I've ridden here - I've probably been around this mountain too many times to count - yet it's still a gem of the lower Cascade foothills.  Before we reached Fast Trail, we heard riders coming down a trail & met up with Leigh, Marsha & Linda.  Linda was leading a trail tour & we had fun catching up.
Mt. Washington~
Farah & I headed on up the mountain, I had to be home early & wanted to cover some ground.  I was amazed at the bikes on the trails.  Everyone pleasant, we could hear one guy coming for a mile - he was playing his music loud!
Farah at lunch~
Up at the Monument - it was almost like a social club!  We all chatted, Farah had her photo taken & on we went. 
In the Deep Dark Woods~
Farah likes the trail through these woods, I have no idea why.  She always likes to stop at least once & just cock a hid leg & listen...  She's done this since our early days together & I enjoy listening to sounds of silence as much as she does.  Even without the peaks out today - it was stunning.  Super fresh air, clouds blowing by - maybe low 70's - just my kind of a day! 
Heading down~
We took the trail down from the lower intersection, Farah wanted to go further - but we took the upper road - then had our run up the long hill.  I love the sound of her steel clad hooves striking the ground faster & faster!  Again - at the top she backed off the pace within a couple strides - taking the turn for the trail in one smooth move.
In the big trees~
Farah remembered before I did, that our last ride that a tree had been across the road, so we took the trail through the big Cedars.  So beautiful there & a nice way to end another ride.

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