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Monday, August 8, 2016

Perfect August Day~

It was raining when we left home.  I've yet to write the post about my trails from home...  I needed saddle time - badly.  We did check out Lime Kiln yesterday, the parking lot, even late in the day was full enough that I couldn't have parked my small trailer.  Victoria it was~
New Views~
 As we headed northwest from the trailer parking - I decided to take the road that drops down to English Grade, just to see if anything had changed.  Boy had it!  A new clear cut, trees still on the ground - had opened up some truly incredible views.  It seemed as though the breeze was coming right off the water!
Mt. Erie
 I believe we were looking across to Mt. Erie, just a stunning early afternoon!  Farah was feeling good, we hadn't been out on the trails for about a week, a long time for us!
Blackberry Blooms~
Some of the blackberry are ripe, but many more need a few more days of heat.  Still blooming - this year we're going to have a bumper crop!
Up Fast Trail!
Linda had mentioned that she'd taken the tractor up & mowed the trail!  Wow!  Huge improvement & I'll have to buy her lunch :-)
Cascades - under clouds
The day went from warm sunshine to cool as the clouds moved over.  No peaks to be seen today!  As were were galloping up - we passed a couple on bikes.  By the time we reached the Monument, they came in right after us.  We introduced ourselves & all agreed that our area, so loved for so long is feeling the pressure of the increasing population.  Michael & Val also want to help with trail-clearing so I of course got their email address!
Lunch over~
Farah grazed & had her carrots before we continued on.  We didn't go down to the bottom of the hill, but instead did our gallop on the short upper section.  My girl was So good!  She burst into full speed in a stride, then gained momentum until right before the crest, when she dropped it down a notch without my having to ask!   New shoes seem to be working fine!
Tree's down~
We were on the final leg back, when we came up on this blow-down, just at the edge of the clear-cut.  We turned back & took the trail through the big trees.
In the big trees~
Every time I ride through this amazing section of trees, I'm thankful for the experience.  Our pace over the loop was faster than it has been on the warmer days - we both appreciated the cooler temperature.  It was 71 as we went through Arlington on our way home.  About as perfect as an August day can be!

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