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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lord Hill~

The morning started off cool with some fog.  As I loaded Farah, I thought about going back for a jacket, but with 80+ forecast, I just couldn't imagine I'd need it.  The spotty fog continued through most of our drive to Snohomish.  Traffic was light, it didn't take as long as I expected to arrive at the Lord Hill parking area.  I was surprised to be the only one there - just cool enough that I would have used that jacket - at least until about 5-minutes later when the sun burned through!
On the main trail~
Within just a short time - two more trailers came in, along with our friends;  Scott, Karen & Jeannie.  Farah's attention was diverted by the sound of sheep baaing from the neighboring farm. :-)  It wasn't long before we were all out on the trails.  It was so much cooler in the dappled shade of the forest.  Farah was totally relaxed & happy to be out with her friends.
On the trail~
I was somewhat unjust - when I wrote that Farah chomps the bit & is unhappy going on slow rides.  Not true.  She's done many, many rides with other horses where she's acted like a lady.  Sometimes,  I think she makes her own assessment of how competitive the other horses are.  As long as her dominance isn't in question - she can be just fine.  It's only if another horse wants to go fast past her - that she lets me know that's not what she thinks should happen.  Or, if we're behind a horse walking slowly for a long period of time.  We're working on that!   Of course after riding Khari for years - who didn't mind in the slightest being last - it's been my challenge to keep Farah's forward without the ornery.  Today - she was great!  Not bothered by letting Sherman or Rico lead.  Dash is such a nice mare, the two of them seem to have an understanding.
Karen & Sherman, Jeannie & Dash, Scott & Rico
 As were were coming back - a hiker told us that a truck hauling a large trailer - had broken down half-way up the Big hill!  Back at the trail-head, there were horses everywhere!  The trailer had been unloaded & there were probably fifteen horses tied to the hitching rails.  Our impression - was that this was a group ride that included Veterans.  I was standing at Scott's trailer when a lady with the group headed toward Farah, taking photos.  I asked her not to approach & was rebuffed by her comment;  "If you're going to ride a sliver bay - you might as well get used to it!"  She also commented that she had fifteen horses!  I replied that I only had one & her color was chocolate.  :-)  I Googled silver bay - if you follow the link - you'll see a lot of beautiful horses of every shade!  Lots of reading on the genetics of color, none quite like Farah.

Driving down the hill on our way out - we passed the truck.  As we'd been told, blocking the uphill lane, mid-point in the climb.  With an unobstructed view - we could easily get by.  At the bottom of the hill, another rig was blocking the road, waiting for a gate to be opened. 
A short delay & we were on our way - really a fun ride!

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  1. Have been reading your list of rides, & as I read, I'm wondering what new trails & new finds, you will discover in your birth state? Hope you will find happy trails there to!
    Love, mom


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