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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

& The Beat Goes On~

The daily rhythm here on the Homestead has remained the same - yet has been inextricably changed forever - in just a few weeks...
Hotel Greenfield
 Four-years ago - when Dad passed & we traveled to Iowa - the seed of an idea was born.  We both felt so at home.  From when we crossed over the Missouri - I asked Butch to pull over - I couldn't wait to get out & breathe in the feel of home!  We both commented on how much we loved the country.  From the time we checked into Hotel Greenfield - everyone we met made us feel like we were long-lost relatives - which I soon found out - I was!  :-)  Word got out that we were in town & soon we were meeting those shirt-tail relatives that remembered me, better than I remembered them!  :-)
Our house in town~
I started school in Greenfield & my favorite early memories of childhood were made here.  When my parents decided to relocate to Boulder - I was devastated - but each Summer either Mom or Dad would drive us out to visit our Grandparents.   I spent as much time as I could on Grandma's farm.  Of course having my mare there was a huge motivator.  :-)  Every Summer too, at one point or another - Grandma would look at me & say;  "You'll be the one to come back."
The Farm~
 A few times over the years, Grandma would write about a farm coming on the market - she thought that 80-acres would be the minimum we'd need :-)  It never happened - the timing was never right.  But now - things have changed - the appeal of living in the mid-west has only increased as we've grown older.

We took the plunge - Butch has been ready for a while now - to back off the hectic pace of the jobs he's been on & a commute that takes a huge chunk out of his life.  Today - he gives notice to his employer (24-years October 11th) & our transition will be rolling!

As we gave up our positions with the local BCH Chapters - news started trickling out :-)  I've already been asked to help with a new State BCHIA!  I also let the AERC know of our change & Monica plans to put me to work!  I've already been invited to a ride :-)

I'll continue posts here - until the day the Homestead is no longer~  Our new blog is up!  A continuation of our life & times.  You can find it at;  http://hogehomeplace.blogspot.com/~
We hope you'll visit us there! 


  1. Seldom commenter, long time reader, I'm sorry to hear you are moving! I live in the PNW, I love reading about your trail rides in places that are familiar to me. :) BUT, I do totally understand about the traffic.. it is getting so horrible now, worse every year.. Best of luck on your move! & Congratulations!

  2. how exciting for you Connie, we will miss you and all your hard work you have put in on the trails. Happy Trails to you, Robin

  3. Iowa, that's where Jim Kirk is from! I always thought of you as a Washington native. 'Specially cuz of your stewardship of the trails. Like what horseyhabit said, every time I return home I'm shocked by the clogged highways. My parents even teased me about it, "Did you forget about 405?" Yah, kind of, but it is much worse. So while I do plan on returning home, I have this dread in my heart that the Autobahns have ruined me. But I look at your homestead blog and I know there's no where else I'd rather live.

  4. Oh man, that's a bummer. I'm going to miss reading about your stories of trail riding in the PNW and the wonderful photos, but I'm also excited for yours and Butch's new adventure and I look forward to when you'll start telling us about your rides in Iowa. Hopefully you and Farah will adjust well to not being in the "same space" anymore and that being around other horses will be good for her. Everyone needs friends, right? ;)

  5. wow, that's a lot of change. I'll be interested in following your next chapter!


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