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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Seattle Knights at Rhodes River!

We've been lucky - getting to see both sets of Grand-kids in these last weeks in WA.  Both weekends we were working at packing of course - but we managed to get in some fun too.
Mason, Grammy, Cassidy & Papa
Months ago we'd made plans to take Scott & Karen to Rhodes River to see the Seattle Knights!  One member of the cast - I felt like I knew personally - since Ann had joined our Distance Derby.  We'd been trying to make plans to see the show since last year.
Great table!
Then, our oldest daughter & her husband were celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary this same weekend - so we included Mason & Cassidy in our dinner plans!  It couldn't have worked out any better!
Mason, Ann & Cassidy
The troupe visited the dinner guests in the restaurant prior to the show.  We were told that it was perfectly alright to yell & shout - & even pound on the table for our favorite players!  Ann & I finally had the opportunity to meet in person!  The entire ensemble graciously took the time to make everyone there - feel like part of the performance!  The place was packed!  Probably the biggest crowd I've ever seen at the RRR!
Mason & Chocolate Cake!
 The dinner buffet was outstanding & the kids topped off their dinner with warm chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate icing & whipped cream!
It was my first introduction to the Warlander breed!  What amazing movers!  A gray stallion was so bold & beautiful that he took your breath away!  They knew their job & gave very nasty looks as they approached each other at a full gallop!  (Much better photos can be found on their website!)
Cassidy & Gina
After the show, the cast came back to visit with the crowd.   Cassidy is a fan of Anime & makes many of her own costumes from Goodwill finds!  She really enjoyed seeing the amazing outfits & armor close up!  Gina's costume & weapon drew Cassidy's attention early on.

There's no way you can't go to this show & not have a Great time!  One little girl approached Ann as she was talking with us, wanting a hug & even getting a kiss on the cheek :-)  As Ann said;  "Now you know why I do this!"  For sure!

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