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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Butch & Dave's Great Road-Trip!

This morning, Butch & Dave saw the sunrise in Montana.  There's just something about sunrise in the West~
Dave's amazing photo~
Leave it to these two - to take the route that puts them just where they wanted to be :-)  Not in time for the big rally - maybe not driving a U-Haul - but a great place to make a stop~!
By now, they've traveled well over 1,000-miles - with the Ford U-Haul truck cruising right along!
Dave & the U-Haul~
It's great that even when they don't have much cell phone reception - in most cases they can still sent out a text.
In Town~
They walked the town & had nachos & beer!
Dave & Butch at lunch~
So glad they're taking a little time for some stops!  :-)

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