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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Classic! :-)

Farah waits :-)
It was only about 30 degrees when I headed out to meet Saddle-up riders at Bracken Rd.  Our early sunshine, degraded to cloud cover & some fog, but we weren't dissuaded from a Great First of December ride!  We had a young filly, first time on the trails, another rider who was ponying her young QH, our group sponsor on a beautiful gray, Farah & me :-)

All the horses got on well, we ended up doing a trail that was a bit more "technical" that we'd planned - but making it through safe/sound made for a feeling of accomplishment!  Tamera did a super job of keeping us on dry trails & out of most of the mud!  Always a challenge here in Western, WA!  A good time was had by all!


  1. A sight that never gets old (or any less funny). I'm more likely to pop a squat in the bushes, but I'm HOPING nobody ever takes a picture of that.

  2. LOL, love the pic! Sounds like a great ride.

  3. So nice of the tree farm to provide the facility, paid for with donation $!

  4. Hey! Quick question for you! What is Khari's breeding? I used to teach lessons on a purebred arabian broodmare with the name Khari. She's in her late teens and has been a broodmare (with a few years off here and there) since she was 3.

  5. Not our mare, we've owned her since she was five.


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