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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tevis Saturday!

Farah & Khari enjoy the sunshine
What an Incredible day!  Boy did we need one!  I think possibly our first full day of sunshine so far this month!  I took advantage & gave Khari a bath, though in this photo she had already rolled.  I come in the house, check out the Tevis webcast to see how Diane & other friends are doing - then head back outside to soak up more rays!  
Both mares are really growing in their winter coats now!  Khari still has scabs from the girth galls that she had from Bare Bones.  Even with the mohair cinch - the totally soaking wet conditions contributed to the worst soring that she's ever experienced.  I guess it goes along with the rubbing "burns" that I had on the inside of both knees - again - from them being wet all day.  

I did get Farah out for a ride on Thursday.  The replaced shoe stayed on!  She did just Great with the numerous mud puddles - it had rained all night - so she didn't have much choice :-)  She was also bold & forward when leading on the trail.  I see improvement in her every time I take her out.  

Here's hoping that Diane gets her first 100-mile completion at Tevis! 

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