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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Over the Grand Canyon
Thought I've never been there - seeing it from the air was a thrill.  So much fun taking a trip - let alone - when it's to visit my sister's family & attend our niece's wedding!  Starting at the beginning - the flight was just fine :-)  That means I took little pills to keep from getting air-sick...  slept part of the way & took photos out the window the rest of the time :-)
It's hot & sunny here, I'm finally enjoying Summer, even if it's not my usual Washington State Summer!  Since the wedding was yesterday, have time today to work on the photos I've taken to date.  The post-wedding let-down has hit.  Nice to have quality time with family, it's so rare that my sis & I get together, we're making the most of it! 

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  1. Never seen the Grand Canyon from that angle before. Really shows off just how vast it is. Wow.


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