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Monday, August 6, 2012

Farah is Awarded High Vet Score

Farah on final trot-out
What great news on a Monday morning!  The ride was so HOT, that Butch had us packed up when I came in off the ride.  He vetted Farah for her completion, but Dick Root, DVM was so impressed with her that when I asked the question;  "Should we bring her back for BC judging?"  He responded with a loud "Yes!"  That meant the prescribed hour wait - which would delay our departure - but how often do you get the opportunity to show for BC on a young horses first ride?  Butch spend the hour grooming her while Farah consumed mass quantities of everything he put in front of her.
 Dr. Root checking CRI
We took her back to Dick & it took all of Butch's skill to keep all four of her feet on the ground long enough for the exam!  I knew we were behind the curve time wise - 7th place doesn't give you those added points on time, when compared to the winner's time.  Then, there's the weight difference between you & the heaviest rider - I knew I was not the heaviest.  Even so, we had fun showing her & she had fun being shown :-)
Tail still swinging!
We left for home right after; I asked Heidi to send me my paperwork.  So - it came as a surprise when I checked Facebook & found where a friend - who'd stayed for awards - posted that we had received high Vet Score!  Yippee!  
Thanks to my husband for his help & support, Farrier - Art Morris (Who came over Thursday evening to replace shoes ahead of schedule.) & Dean Essex, DVM - who's taught me well.  Nice to have Farah receive the recognition.
Post scrip - just heard from the RM that we only missed BC by 1.0 point :-)


  1. Good for Farah. You all did a great job!
    lv, mom

  2. Congrats! That's awesome :)

  3. She looked wonderful at the ride!!! All that training and conditioning is paying off, and it looked like you guys were having fun to boot. Congratulations:)

    So...... what's your next ride??

  4. Thanks Mom, Dom & CG! No more rides for us~ unless something really special comes up. We're moving on!

  5. She looks wonderful in the photos. Congratulations!

  6. Appreciated Laura! It was "fun" I think :-) Since I've never been a fan of the heat - seems that it's chased me down this season!


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