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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lounging Around at Rhodes River Ranch~

Butch & Ben
Yippee!  We finally have a couple days with Grandson Ben - before the start of the new school year!  Where has Summer gone???  We picked him up from home & what to do -  but stop by the RRR for lunch!  Ben & I enjoyed a "Rodeo Burger" while Butch had the grilled chicken.  Yum!  Did I say YUM?  A meal for the day - that's for sure!

There was a demonstration rider in the arena showing his prized Nakota horses.  Always nice for restaurant patrons who came not only for the food, but in the hope of seeing horses too.  We toured Ben around, then made reservations for the drill team show in Sept.  On the way home - we all decided that we were too full for dinner.  Instead - we would stop by the store & pick up ice cream, banana's & hot fudge - Banana Splits for dinner! :-)

Tomorrow, Ben & I plan a ride up on the trails.  Me with Farah - doing some trail clearing & Ben with his BMX bike to try the jumps that have been made by the dirt-bike riders who continue to find ways around the locked gates of the property.  Ben is has already scouted a site for his tent tonight - that way he can sleep with Annika & Rascal too :-)  

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