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Monday, August 13, 2012

Annika Joins our Family!

A new puppy for us!
Years ago, when we'd taken Kitt over to Dr. Essex for vaccinations - we were looking at his AKC wall chart of dog breeds.  We found the Norwegian Buhund - & all thought they looked the closest to Kitt - in coloring & size.  We'd done some research on the breed, but even with Kitt's passing - had decided that two Beagles were enough.  Then, while I was on my trip to CO - I received a Facebook message from the breeder that I'd been in contact with - he had a litter of puppies available.  I really didn't think I'd be able to talk Butch into a third dog - even though I really missed Kitt's presence as my protector.

Returning home to find that we'd lost Mischief was a shock.  It took a while for us to absorb her loss.  It was just way too quiet with only Rascal.  He looked so lonely - started jumping in the truck when I was leaving - something he'd never done before - he gets carsick...  Next - I woke one morning to hear him attempting a very lonely howl...  Beagles don't normally howl, so when they do - you know that something isn't right...  
Nose up & howling...
Butch & I talked it over & decided to contact the breeder to see if we could make arrangements to meet the puppies.  Sunday - was the day for the long drive.  What fun it was to meet the breed for the first time!   They were all beautiful, well cared for & happy dogs.  We wanted a female, there were three to choose from.  After playing with them all & talking to Jimmy - we decided on the smallest female.  She was bright, alert, outgoing & seemed the best match for us.  
Happy husband with the soon to be christened Annika :-)
Does anyone every go home without a puppy?  I know it seems that we sure don't!  :-)  Rascal had come along with us - we had the kennel cab on the back seat, next to his blanket.  He was in total shock when we put her in the kennel!  "Are you kidding?!"  "You're bringing it home?!"  He came up front & sat in my lap for the return trip - too traumatic to even think of sharing the back seat with THAT!  (We both were remembering the night 15-years ago - when we brought Kitt home & Abby having the same response to the interloper :-)

Solid traffic on Snoqualmie Pass - 2hr's from Ellensburg over the top..
After the very long drive...  we were more than happy to be back home just before dark.  Rascal jumped out - we let the puppy out & I showed her where water was.  She took a big drink - then followed Rascal to the porch where he was expecting his cookie!  She was happy with that!  Dinner followed & that passed inspection too!  We sat out with on the patio to watch & see how things went.  Butch looked up names & we finally settled on Annika - Norwegian - with a slightly different spelling for "Anna".  Nika for short :-)  She started exploring - making wider & wider circles from where we were sitting.  Climbed into both our laps & seemed very content.  Rascal's attitude too changed.  He fluffed out the feathers on his tail, did a bit more of his confident strut & let her know that after all - he thought that she just might be OK :-)
Rascal & Nika - early morning sunshine~
After Butch left this morning - I looked out to see her laying near him as he enjoyed the early morning sunshine :-)  "She's a pain - but I guess she's mine..."  :-)


  1. So Funny! Rascal is such a Rascal as always!!!! She looks soo tiny compared to him! Skyla is gonna love her!

  2. Oh, congratulations! She is really adorable. I've never heard of the breed, are they a sled type of sled dog or guard dog?

  3. Good looking new member to your family. Enjoy her and hope both get along good. Looks like it is off to a good start. Love and hugs,

  4. She is ADORABLE. I hope they'll be best friends and she'll soothe his loneliness.


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