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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Going it Alone~

Farah at the Monument
I'm still not used to the joy of tree-top flying rides.  For so many years, to have a really good ride, meant having the right riding partner.  Not since Jasrada, have I enjoyed the pure bliss of moving out on an incredible mare - alone.  Those who know me best, know that I don't often brag-up my horse.  It gets old quickly - we all love our horses & of course we think they're the best!  They are too!  For us!  

This time though, Farah deserves honorable mention - at least in my mind :-)  I set out to just see what she would do.  The reins were loose the entire ride.  Leaving at a 13.9 mph trot that lasted until the first of the climbs then settled into 8-9.  She trotted the seven-miles I found for her to the monument - going back to the old "training-loop" that Diane & I used to do.  By the time we got there, we were just under seven-miles with a average speed of 8.9.  Coming to the only water puddle on the mountain, Farah let me know that yes!  She wanted a drink!  She was smart about it, taking a few swallows, waiting a moment, then taking more.  Once done she picked up a trot again on her own!  At the monument, she was hungry & started grazing right away.  
Ride Laps
Lynn had thought she was clicking on our ride Monday & I needed to confirm that she was.  Not wanting to push my luck, we slowed down for the second part of the ride, but even so - finished the 11-mile loop with an average moving speed of 7.0 & moving time of 1:36.  Good thing I've given up Endurance!  Otherwise I'd be sooo tempted :-)   Regardless - I think we're ready for the 30 mi. LD at Bare Bones.


  1. Sorry! (At four-weeks on her shoes too!) Over reaching is a common fault in horses working in fast tempo in any of the three gaits. In the walk most cases involve the hind toe of the shoe striking the front toe of the shoe.
    Hence - the "click"! :-)

  2. Ahhhh. Yes. Hana does this when she needs new shoes. It helps to keep her hindquarters engaged and forehand light (gets those front feet out of the way quicker) but eventually she does it no matter what the rider does.

    Fee travels wide behind--her back feet go outside of the front feet--except when she is VERY collected. So, no "clicking" for her!

    Farah looks awesome. Can't wait to see y'all.


  3. We had a slightly loose shoe too - Art thinks that was the "click". I had noticed that wide stride when you take off with Fiddle & she digs in. Impressive from the rear! Thanks! Can't wait to see you too!

    1. Aha, giving up endurance doesn't mean you have to give up LDs! Finally, something involving this distinction:)
      See you there.

    2. oops- meant to say something "positive" involving this distinction.


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