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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll~

Victoria on trails~
There are days, when you cherish your friends;  Linda B & I have been riding together off/on over more than twenty-years now.  There just isn't a finer or faster trail rider I know.  Even when she lost her #1 huge, fast Morgan Eb - she continued to get the best out of every horse she's ever ridden.  Now with Count - she's brought him along to the point where he can almost keep up with her!
Linda, Christa, Dawn & Cindy
When Linda asked if any of us had a time limitation - I knew we'd be in for a Ride!  The five of us were excited at the prospect of timeless trails on a perfect late summer afternoon.  We covered almost 15-miles - 80% of it on trail!  Whipping through the trees on Count's heels - Farah did manage to keep my knees intact!  :-)  The girls behind us were laughing  & yelling "Yippee"!  A bunch of free spirits - all!  

We followed the time honored tradition of fittest horses first & all the horses had fun - after all - they were busy watching their feet & keeping their riders off those trees - the trees have grown!  There were a couple loud exclamations - but no one wanted to slow down!
Dawn, Linda, Cindy & Connie (Thanks for taking the photo Christy!)
Linda & I have some terrific memories of the old days - when we were 1/2 crazy & rode as fast as our horses would go - before the rock was on the logging roads & before the bikes discovered the area.  As good as it was then - it's still good.  Anytime you find yourself with a smile on your face for an entire ride - you know how Good it was!


  1. That sounds like a blast! The trees are gorgeous, is this in a park or commercial tree farm?

  2. Tree Farm - there are still a few Beautiful areas left~


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