Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ride to the River!~

Our Route~
Monday was "one-of-those" days.  I'd originally planned a ride with friends to Heart Lake, but when one had to cancel, it seemed a long trip for the remaining two of us - without our friend, who has yet to go there - so we decided to split the difference in mileage & meet-up at Lords Hill.  I was tired from the road-trip to pick up Annika too - but really wanted to get out before the mid-week warm-up that's predicted.

Lynn again lead us out on a nice jaunt through the mostly wooded paths of the park & then on down to the Snohomish River - this time the water level was so low that there was plenty of room for the horses.  Farah - as I've posted before - has an aversion to water.  In the lead at the time, she didn't even want to go down the short, steep, sandy hill to that Big water... but with urging she did!  Once there - she walked up to the edge, wanting a drink - but jumped back like struck by a snake when the water moved!  :-)
"In" the river ~
Thirst won out & in we went, after some pawing to be sure that yes... it was water!  She did wade in a ways, I was sure she was comfortable with it before we headed back.  Would like to return with a line & shorts to lead her in a ways & see if I could get her comfortable enough to "play" in it.  What would we do with the eight river crossings at Golden Ears?  Maybe one day we'll try it to see :-)


Always Welcome~