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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Riding with Ben ~

Ben survey's the hill
After chopping our way through about 1/2-mile of blackberry overgrown trail - we made it out to the area where the dirt-bikes have taken advantage of dirt piled up from the so-called drainage basin.  Development was planned - but thankfully construction seems to have been delayed.    First time ever that their mess has been used for my entertainment!  :-)  Ben explained to me that there were huge differences in riding style between BMX bikes with the brakes removed & dirt-bikes with engine's & brakes!  More my grandson than I can believe at times, in the next instant after I took this photo - he took off DOWN that hill!  Whipped across the road - up the berm on the far side - tried to make the turn, couldn't get slowed down enough - so slammed into the wall of Salmonberry & Blackberry!  Thankfully - it was a soft stop - at least bushes are softer than hard packed road!  He gave me a thumbs-up & was back on the bike!  
Farah & I watch from the top as Ben plans his next run!
Why does Ben wear the soles off his shoes?
I was amazed at how much riding & jumping he can do with that bike!  Farah was too :-)  We really had fun!  It had been too long since we'd been up here.  (It was where Ben used to ride Jas.)  Next we went over to the drainage basin - to find it empty - but a trail all the way around that Ben whizzed along on.  At the far end is the east side of our Wetland.
Looking "through" to the Wetland - too overgrown to go down to our old trail.
We stopped for a snack of cranberries & corn nuts.  Before the weather turns wet, I'm hoping to get Butch up here with the weed-whacker to clear our old path to the far side.  I think Ben & I would still enjoy our hot choc. & cookie there during a rainy hike this Winter.  On the up hill grades, Farah would flip her tail & pass Ben by!  When we were heading home down the long, steep, paved downhill - Ben flew by us!  Farah was impressed :-)  We was a blast & returned home dirty, tired & happy!

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