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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Beautiful Day!

At one of our favorite overlooks~
It's always fun showing people who haven't been there - some of the views from what I still call "Victoria".  Heather had been wanting to make the drive up, so I offered to act as trail guide.  We left mid-morning & soon found that her super Arab gelding & Farah matched each other well.  Both with a nice moving out walk & fast trots - but Rafik does win the "collected canter" portion of the ride, with a rocking-chair gait that anyone would be envious of :-)  Farah does have a very nice canter too - but as I do - she prefers trot!   Both horses were listening to us - behaving very well & we had so much fun galloping along side by side.  Rafik showing off his beautiful training, Heather deserves to be proud of her work with him.  The golden girl & I are still a work in progress :-)  

The settings on my Garmin sometimes seem to have a mind of their own, so the ride didn't get recorded - but we did my usual 11+ mile loop with a good moving pace, somewhat lowered by our taking several stops for photos!  I managed to loose the lens from my favorite sunglasses, so spent a while looking for it to no avail.  Seems I do something to end up buying at least one new pair a year - no matter how hard I try!  Did pick up another pair with shatterproof lens on the way home.  Nice day, good ride ~

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  1. I had a GREAT ride with you that day. : ) I can't wait for our next ride in September. See you then! *Hugs*


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