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Friday, August 24, 2012

On a Clear Day~

Left to right - Whitehorse, Three Fingers & far right - Pilchuck
It was a clear day, at least to the east of the ridge.  I didn't get away from the house until after lunch - but had plenty of time to meander wherever I wanted.  Farah was happy to be out on her own, only herself to please.  We did what is for her, an easy 10-mph. trot - most of the way.  Every time we saw a trail, we took it.   Each time we'd loop around & end up back on the logging road - only further along.
Old burned out Cedar snag~
 I saw this snag on a particularly beautiful trail - it lead encouragingly up a draw - but only a short way in - we came upon a down tree - too large for Farah to jump from a standstill.  I noted it on my GPS in the hope that Linda knows a way to get in & we can possibly get it cut out.  Such a nice trial to be out-of-use.  By the time we crested the top & went over to the Monument - a layer of haze had moved in from off the sound.  The humidity was going up, but we still had a breeze.  No one around, no one on any of the trails - nice.

On the way down, I noticed that the roads have become rock-hard.  Since it's been so dry - they're about the consistency of concrete.  I got off & did a little jogging along side Farah to the bottom.  Sure loosened up my knees :-)  We arrived back at the trailer & ours was the only one left.  We'd finished off just over twelve-miles & enjoyed another late Summer afternoon~

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