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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Deed is Done~

Bare Bones 25-mi. Limited Distance
We arrived in ride camp about 1:30 p.m. on Fri., after a long drive through a lot of Sea Fair traffic.  Found a spot next to Amanda to set up & had plenty of time before vet-in.  Good to see & visit with friends old & newFarah showed well for Dick Root DVM, & vetted in with one A- in gut sounds, after the four hour drive down. The distance for this ride had been changed from 25, to 30 - then back to 25-miles.  At registration, there were 50 riders in the 25, 25 & in the 50.
Who is that masked mare?  :-)
At the pre-ride meeting, the start times for the rides were moved up an hour to allow us to try to beat the heat.  Our start time was 6:30 a.m. - almost like doing a 50 :-)  I was up early & we had Farah saddled & moving 30-min. early.  Originally - I'd wanted to start her on her own, but after speaking to Amanda, found out that most of the trail was single track - limiting places to pass.  Farah made it plain that she knew her riding partner was there, so Amanda kindly allowed us to accompany her.  We left just behind the front runners at a nice trot, then pulled aside at the first clearing for riders to pass.  At the far end of the field, those riders were bunched up in a knot - no one's horse wanting to cross the muddy puddle of water that was between the field & the trails. 
Cato leads the way, Farah follows~
Amanda asked for space & Cato crossed with Farah right behind him.  Once on the trail, Cato moved into his big ground covering trot & Farah was not going to be left behind!  We cruised the first loop, but started slowing down before coming in to camp.  I had to remind myself that it was heart-rate, that determined our placement.  Farah was high - but came down to criteria quickly, maintaining our place.

During the 45-min. hold - she ate everything Butch put in front of her & was drinking well.  Again, Amanda & I left together.  Bringing up the rear was no fun, Farah fighting every stride to stay too close.  We were passed by a small group just over mid-way through the loop.  The day was heating up, it seemed a long haul to water - once there Farah tried out all four barrels & took a good drink from each.   We enjoyed every stretch of trail through the woods - trying to absorb the cool.

Coming off the top of the Orange/Yellow loop we arrived at an intersection with many ribbons!  I decided to call Butch & see if I could get some clarification on the correct path back to camp after meeting a couple riders who'd already been lost.  Nice to have the connection when you need it.  Just over a mile further on - we were back!  Farah pulsed down quickly & completed 7th place.  Butch stripped her tack & she vetted through with great scores. 
At the finish - pulsing down - photo compliments of Heather
Dr. Root told us to bring her back for BC judging.  She showed incredibly well - but was so excited & full of herself that her CRI's were relatively high.  Dick just smiled & said that was the trade-off on a mare who was so fit, young & excited :-)  My last 25-mile ride was in 2006, Khari's first ride at Renegade.  Now, all these years later - I've finally earned the AERC 250-mi. Limited Distance patch :-)  
Butch trotting Farah out for her completion
Ride stats rough;  52 riders in the LD, only 24 completed - 13 over time.  The heat made it tough this year, the mud / rain last year :-)  It was a couple days after the ride when I learned that Farah was awarded High Vet Score!


  1. Congratulations! Farah looks wonderful and it sounds like you all had a ton of fun.

  2. Hooray! It was good to see y'all in camp, but we didn't get to hang out much. Let's ride soon.

    1. Any time! Just let me know what works for you!

  3. Going to try this hope it works


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