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Monday, December 22, 2014

1,500 miles - One Horse, One Rider, One Year~

Sunshine & Shadow~
Today - we reached our goal!  1,500-miles since the first of this year.  Farah did it All!  We did a lot of it on our own...  Including this ride - that I knew would take us over the top.  In a way, it was fitting that these last miles were riding out from home, on our trails - after all, they're the trails where we first starting riding horses!
On our way~
It was somewhat bittersweet...  We didn't win the Derby, we managed to stay in second place all year long - knowing full well that there was no way we were going to win.  The motivation came from knowing that if we continued on - Farah would be the highest mileage horse in the Derby for the second year in a row.  That was the number of miles we needed to surpass the distance we traveled last season.
Heading north, we visited the big wetland, then crossed through the water flowing over the road & headed on to the point farthest north on these lines, where it's blocked by a gate.
It actually got pretty deep at the far end!
From here, we passed the bottom of another wetland, now partially choked with reed canary grass...
Here is what a Wetland looks like when an invasive plant takes over...
Taking a closer look - we did see our Hawk friend!
Do you see him?
The last trail heading west, goes just a short way - then dead-ends at the last wetland of this string.
Another quiet beauty~
It had been a long time since we'd been this way & I wish there was a way to continue on.  Instead, we turned back.  The day was a quiet one, the birds weren't out - or if they were - we didn't see them.  No deer, no people - just a light haze of smoke in the air.
The Homestead - Between Farah's ears~
Some may not believe, but I really think I could tell the difference in the quality of the daylight on this first week of Winter!   It was thin, the golden glow of Fall has been replaced with the shades of blue/gray of the winter months.  Subdued colors - but lots of those.

With horse people - bragging up one's mount is a recurring theme that I try to avoid - but there are those days, those times, when Farah deserves her due.  She's proven herself to me & cemented her place in my heart...

I'm done counting miles...  Now - tack is getting washed, Linda's saddle is getting cleaned & conditioned, my new one may arrive one of these days...  All will be ready for the new year & what it brings.  Finally - we rest & kick-back to enjoy the holidays!


  1. Congrats, Connie! What an accomplishment. I was hesitant to join the WA derby, I know we won't come anywhere close to this. :-) What kind of new saddle are you waiting for?

    Sheri & Magic

    1. Sheri, It's made by Garry McClintock - he called it an "International". If you use the search button on the left column & search for "Linda's saddle" you'll find the post with a photo of the one I'm currently borrowing. It's like the one I've ordered.

  2. Fifteen hundred miles - especially for the second year in a row, basically - is an astonishing accomplishment. Especially on your own! I'm amazed :)

    1. Thanks Funder! Maybe we'll start cross-country to visit you & that new baby! :-)

  3. 1500 miles nearly all of it just you and your amazing horse, what an accomplishment and what an inspiration!

    I'm just hoping for 500 miles this year and will be so happy to exceed that in 2015.

    1. You can do it Laura! Get an early start & take advantage of the weather. I really want to get in a ride with you too!

  4. Wow, that's some amazing mileage! Congrats on fun trail adventures, a happy horse, and an upcoming new year.

  5. This is absolutely outstanding and so inspiring! Congratulations to another very successful year on horseback!

  6. Wow, that is awesome! High five to you and Farah! In 2013 I rode over 600 miles on two horses and was pretty jazzed. This year I got 14.65! Ha ha! I am hoping for a better and less injured 2015.....but I know I won't get near 1500 miles! Can't wait to see what next year brings for you two. Have a great holiday season and happy winter!


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