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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pluggin' Away~

Farah & the Christmas Tree
It's up to me - to keep me motivated these last miles of 2014 - Year of the Horse!  I made a pact with myself - if nothing's scheduled, if it's not raining - Ride!  I have been, over 30-miles in four days.
Harvey Creek & Eagle in the tree over the creek, Red-Tailed Hawk too!
I haven't added up the miles I've ridden alone this year - but it's a big number.  Today - it was gray, but so darn mild!  I think of my friends in IA & NE riding in the cold & sometimes in the snow & that motivates me to Saddle Up!
More new top dressing on the Whitehorse Trail!
But - it wasn't the new sand going down that excited me...  It was what I saw at the far east end!
Cutting Through~
The huge blackberry jungle was cut back!
"The Hole"
I could even see the "Hole" in the trail - where years ago, someone came in & stole all the rock base from the rail bed!  Just a little more clearing & I'll be able to get through!  On top of that good news, I could actually SEE a piece of the equipment that's working on the decking for Bridge #2!   Halleluiah

After our lunch break - we headed over to check out the river.
To the North Fork of the Stillaquamish
The horsetail rushes give a stark look to an already stark landscape.  All in All - it was somewhat of a stark gray day.
Looking toward Tin Bridge
The flow of the river was way down from what it had been a couple weeks ago - when we had all the rain, but part of the main current has also moved to this side, dropping some of the bank into the water with it.
Looking back at Cloverdale Farm
We turned back from here.  Soon we were back on trails, crossed Harvey Creek & checked out the farthest corner of the tree farm & looped back.  I pulled Farah up just before we crossed the bridge.  I got a funny feeling - looked up over my right shoulder & there was a Huge Bald Eagle - just above us!  I tried to quietly get the camera out - but heard the flutter of wings as he flew off & onto a branch just up the creek from us.  Not the shot I'd hoped to get - but thrilled to see him.
Our Bald Eagle Friend~
 It was Very Quite today - we didn't see anyone all day long.  The only trailer in the parking lot when we arrived - it was hard to leave it sitting there in the open...  I just had to hope that it would still be in one piece when we returned.
All was OK!
A light rain had just started as we got back.  Now - my girl & I are within shootin' distance of our goal!  It will probably go unnoticed & unsung - except maybe for those crazy ladies out in the mid-west!  :-)


  1. In the eagle photo is another bird. Is it a big hawk? It is on the right side. I can't believe someone would steal a bunch of rock from a beautiful place like that....but then again yes I can. Hmpf! Can't wait to hear how much clearing is done for ya! Happy riding!

    1. It is a Big Red Tailed Hawk! Good eye!


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