Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Saturday, December 13, 2014

From Rain to Shine!

South down the Valley~
The morning started out overcast & with pouring rain!  Not what I'd expected - nor Butch either, since he'd wanted to work on the cover for the camper.  Instead, we sat out in the Cottage with a couple hot latte's & caught up on our week.  By afternoon though - the clouds burned off, day cleared & I decided to saddle up!
Mucky mess~
Once up at the start of the trails - the roads - of the yet to be developed area - were a mucky mess!  It was chilly, but not really cold.
Shadow Rider!
Once we were to the power lines, the sun felt so Good!  I was warm & already thinking that I'd overdressed.  I knew we wouldn't have enough time to go all the way out, but figured we could loop over to the Wetland & back.
Mess going down
The ATV's have been up here a lot since my last visit, beer cans everywhere & they'd made a mess of the hill going down to the creek...  No one out today - I'm going to leave a note next time!
Farah hears something?
Instead of heading down, we looped around through "Moss Woods" - where Farah scared us both - thinking that there was something in the woods!  There wasn't - or if there was - it didn't get us!  :-)
South end of the Wetland
It was beautiful at the Wetland, the ground fog was already moving in & the temperature was starting to drop.
North end of the string of Wetlands~
Again, the bio-diversity of this area still amazes me every time I get to enjoy it.  This string of Wetlands is part of the system of waterways that includes the headwaters for three different creeks.
Dusk had fallen as we came back to the Valley~
Farah again started her antics as we'd turned for home, so it took longer to get back, since I had to turn her back several times.  She champs on her bit, grunts & does her best to voice her displeasure...  At what - I'm still not sure.  But I calmed her down, gave her bites of carrots when she would calm & again - once we were off the power lines she was fine.
Between the ears :-)
Coming up our road, it was almost dark!  Butch met us at the gate & I couldn't resist getting the Cottage in a Between the Ears shot!  :-)  Not easy to do - when Farah was ready to head to the barn & her dinner! 


Always Welcome~