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Friday, December 19, 2014

Almost There~

Golden pools of water~
  Instead of doing the long ride I'd planned for yesterday - I had an opportunity to go play with Mason, Cassidy & their Mom - so guess what I did?  (I really don't think I wouldn't have made it through that ride dry!)  After last nights pouring rain that continued on this morning, I didn't think that I'd get out.  But then - the clouds parted & the sun emerged - bright - shinny & warm!  Farah had her head over the stall door when I walked up.

When we came off the trail where things open up at the power lines, we pulled up - I looked up & was thrilled at what I saw.
Our Red Tailed Hawk
 There he was!  I'm sure it was the same Hawk that I was too slow to get a photo of last time I was up here.  This time he just sat & watched us.  Farah started grazing & I got the shot!  Always such a feeling when a bird this size allows you those few extra moments to admire their beauty.  It didn't last long - in the next second - our friend took flight!
Away he goes~
 I never expected to win the Derby this year, but holding in second place, all year long - behind Diane - I hadn't counted on either.  She's lucky in that many of her miles are endurance miles with many 100's thrown in - that adds up quickly.  Ours are trail-miles, only 85 in competition.  
North to the far side~
 Not one to give up so close to our goal - instead that one long ride, it's now going to take a couple shorter trips, so I stretched our route out to the far north end of our home trails, where we hadn't been since hunting season.
 The wetland on this side is one of the prettiest in the Winter months - with all the hardhack that grows around & in it.  I didn't take our break until after we'd passed the usual spot & went to the end of this trail, before we turned back & finally as we arrived for the second time, Farah let me know that gosh!  Time to stop!  :-0
Our big climb - far out there!
You can just see the big hill at the very far end of this photo that we climb on our way home & slide down on our way out.  The Magnesium supplement that I started Farah on, seems to really be helping her return attitude.
Pilchuck under clouds~
I never get bored riding here - every trip something has changed, every time I revel in the freedom of having this kind of space all to myself.  At least on most days.  The days like today - when we get a special surprise make the ride memorable.  It was a beautiful afternoon!  We returned home with only a hand-full of miles left to go!

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