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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Year End~

Farah at the beach~
It's been a good year - somewhat lonely for me...  (Two daughters & neither came to visit all year...)  My husband working more hours than ever, with a commute from hell that has only gotten worse each & every year - shortening the time he has to spend doing what HE enjoys...  Let alone the time we enjoy spending together!

Riding - mostly on my own.  A busy year for two of my friends, who didn't get in the saddle time they wanted - which left me wishing that they had!  Then - my decision to trailer a little less to ride a bit more, closer to home - where most of the mountain trails I enjoy are.  Since we were only about 20-miles shy of 1,500 last year & are over that for this year - I can't even imagine how many miles Farah has spent in the horse trailer!

I enjoy being the "Equestrian Representative" for the Centennial Trail & by association, the Whitehorse Trail.  News is so positive about getting the Whitehorse open by the end of next year & what a Great trail it will be!  Lots of work to do there... 

Starting the Washington Trail Riders Distance Derby for riders in Washington State - has been fun & will I hope, continue to be both for me & for everyone who's signed up!  I'm thrilled that we not only met, but exceeded our goal of 50-riders!  Not just from the "endurance" community - darn few of those, but from all over our state!  Spokane being heavily represented, Ellensburg, Tri-Cities & lots of riders from down south!  What's impressed me, is the miles that these trail riders ride!  I'm looking forward to seeing how our mileage adds up by the end of 2015!

I've been asked what my goals are for the upcoming year & for the first time in a long time, I don't know?  I like making goals & striving to meet them, but the last two-years of chasing miles has me examining where I am & where I want to go...

I'm very much looking forward to a planned trip in March to Joshua Tree National Park with Patty.   It's been years since I've been on a road-trip with my horse & I've never been that far south in CA.  I think I'm going to let this coming year speak for itself - stay flexible & stay in the saddle!

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  1. Letting the year speak for itself and approaching it with flexibility sounds like a grand plan!


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