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Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Cottage~

The Cottage~
It's the time of year when we use the Cottage pretty often.  Sitting out with the dogs for our weekend morning latte's, or in the evening with hot tea...  wrapping gifts & reading when the weather doesn't allow for much more.  I love decorating it both inside & out.  The dogs come in, pass out in front of the heater & give me moral support.  This after they've been busy following us everywhere on our quest to get the lights & decorations up!
Once inside the door that's on the right~
I feel like I'm a kid again - walking into this little cottage at the edge of the woods & finding it full of the warmth of the holiday spirit.
Our seating~
Way back when, I came up with the idea of building a cottage to act as a welcome spot prior to taking a walk in the woods.  We situated it as a privacy block from the road & it's the first thing you notice when driving up to our gate.  The ice-cycle lights can be seen at night - all the way from the valley as you drive north.
Room for books, magazines & other seasonal decorations.
Butch had the idea of putting in the re-lights & that really made the Cottage the bright, happy place that it is!  I always have to put a jar of mint candies out here for the Grand-kids!  When their mother's say; "No candy before dinner" - its funny how they all disappear into the Cottage!
Mini tree
This little tree is the one I enjoy decorating the most.  I use miniature, antique glass balls & tiny pine cones.  Also - just a couple of my very favorite ornaments that have traveled over many years with us all the way from Colorado.
Tiny pine-cone girl~
This morning the dogs helped, while I put the finishing touches on the tree :-)  It was sleeting outside & cold - but we all had a good time! 


  1. It sure looks like the perfect place to read a book with a good cup of coffee. Very cute!

  2. That looks like a nice cozy spot to relax!

  3. What a fantastic cottage. I'm in love.

  4. Did my comment post? Thanks for sharing. What a fun idea & its beautiful!


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