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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunshine on Thanksgiving!
Another cold, brisk morning with a welcome golden glow over the horizon - the sun!   Just the two of us this year, both the girls had plans.  That happens from time to time & though I'd so much rather have them here - or be with them, I've learned to accept that we're not the center of their worlds!  They have their own families, traditions & obligations too.  That's OK... the next photo is for them :-)
Southern Chess Pie
 My pies may not be fancy, but they're always good!  The one above was a recipe that I asked our good friends for - after sampling it years ago after the holiday.  It's a combination of pecans & walnuts that stay perfectly blended even after baking.   My crust is always from my Grandmother's recipe - my favorite so I stick with it!  Butch & I plan to have a piece with our latte's!  Turkey in the oven, cranberry salad chilling, the rest will be simple & Good!
Day's End - Sunset - Three Fingers
A day to be Thankful for the many blessings we all enjoy living in America the Beautiful!

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  1. That pie looks sooo delicious. Love the autumn table cloth too :) Happy Thanksgiving!


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