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Monday, November 11, 2013

Finally - Moss Lake Trails!

Moss Lake Trails
I say; "Finally" because I'd wanted to ride these trails for a while now.   Lynn had the opportunity to ride there over the weekend & agreed to share her new found knowledge with me today!  The weatherman was correct regarding the quality of the November day - warming to almost 60 degrees!  We were lucky too - as Lisa skipped school to act as our trail guide!  :-)
Lisa & Lucky, Linnea & Bizy
This was such a Nice ride!   The information posted on the link above was a very accurate description of the area.  Wooded, wetland - but with some nice views & reasonably dry footing.  From fog & cold earlier in the morning - before noon we were enjoying beautiful clear sunshine & warming temps!
Trail markings :-)
Most of the trails we rode were marked with a variety of small items that illustrated the trail names.
Loved this one!
We covered a Lot of ground, Lynn wants to learn the trails, I'm - as usual - along for the ride!  :-)  With no sense of direction to speak of, I just have to memorize loops & go from there - that takes a long while!
Beautiful afternoon~
This was a memorable ride for Linnea too!  She passed the 1,000-mile mark for the year, riding both her good mares!  The only other rider I know who can claim that milestone!  I've thought about doing a mileage derby for Washington State riders - but am unsure how many riders would be interested...  It's easy to say how much you're riding - but actually logging miles publicly  & sharing that info. with others isn't everyone's cup of tea.
Ground fog on my drive home~
We stood enjoying the sun & sharing stories for a while after the ride, while our horses kicked back & soaked it up.  I stopped by Courtney's on the way home - a short visit, hot tea & warm hugs from Mason & Cassidy, sent me on my way.  With less than a month to go before the winter solstice - each hour of daylight becomes more precious!


  1. Those trails look awesome! What a ride :)

  2. The trail markers are so quirky! Love it.

  3. Cool trail! We have some "unusual" markings on our home trails as well. I helped clear some of them and that was really fun- hunting for the best route through W. Wa forest land can be really challenging!


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