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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Out on the Trail~

Down the trail on a gray morning~
It was a heavily overcast morning when Lynn & I met for a ride.  We started at Bracken Rd., but found the trails muddy.  After a short loop, since Jack was with us - we decided to head over to Arlington & ride the trails.  Lynn had wanted to see the west end of the Whitehorse Trail.  We rode out at a walk & walked the entire length to the Tin Bridge & back. The very heavy rock footing makes any faster pace too hard on the horses.
Lynn & Sophie on the Whitehorse Trail
We found what was left of the homeless encampment, a fire pit dug in the middle of the trail & some trash.  Just glad it's gone!  Out at the arch - Farah & I visited our brick's for the first time!  They looked Good :-)
We check out our brick!
We were drizzled on, but managed stay away from the heavy, very dark thunderheads that were moving by overhead.  Once back out on the Centennial Trail - the day started to brighten. 
Farah looks at a bike rider at the far end of the bridge over Pilchuck Creek
Even the trail here was very wet & slippery in places - but oh so improved over a year ago!  We made great time & before we knew it were coming up on the Nakashima Barn!  It was Lynn's first visit on horseback.  (She's ridden her bike the entire length.)
Linnea & Sophie
The Sun was breaking through as we turned back.  A class of students from Skagit Valley College had arrived to walk the grounds & view the plantings & reclamation project included in the trail head improvements.  Both mares set a good pace heading back toward Bracken Rd.
Sun on the river & Eagle in the tree
From an eerily gray morning the day progressed into a gorgeous fall afternoon!  We both commented on how quickly the sun is setting now!
South toward Bracken Rd.
It was after 4 p.m. when Jack met us with the truck & trailer off to the side of Grandview Road.  Farah & I copped a ride back to our trailer at the Bracken Rd. lot.  Really a beautiful ride & we covered just over 18-mi. & both commented how lucky we've been to still have moderate temperatures & a decent day or two thrown in each week to get in longer rides.
(Thank you for the photos Lynn!)

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