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Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun With Friends!

Lord Hill & new trail
Friday - Finally Linnea & I get to ride with Amanda!  It had been a long time coming, life sometimes gets in the way of good friends getting together...  On this day though - we did it!  One of those days when there's high overcast, fairly warm, fresh & you know that a storm is just over the horizon.
Linnea on Sophie, Amanda on Bella
Amanda was riding Eileen's fine Arab mare Bella & Linnea was on her main ride, Sophie.  It was so beautiful watching the two of them in front of me, walking through the woods, that I had to get the photo.  Though it doesn't do the colors justice, the woods were all dressed in yellows!  The leaves rustled under the horse hooves & the air smelled so sweet.
The mares enjoy the tall grass~
We weren't in any hurry, just out to enjoy a perfect fall day in the Great Northwest!  I say it as often as anyone, calling the NW the Great Northwet - but that said - there's nowhere I'd rather live.  Growing up in Colorado - I still get the yearning for the high country from time to time, but a visit takes care of that!   When it comes to the sheer lushness & diversity of the landscape, the fresh air & the drop dead gorgeous views - I'm proud to call Western, WA home!
Top of the hill~
Another loop was in the plan, but Sophie decided to leave a shoe on the trail, so we cut our ride short.  Even that was OK though - since we'd planned lunch in Monroe before heading home.  After a friends rig was broken into, then a week or so later - their home, Jack decided to come along with Lynn to watch the rigs & do some reading.  We told him he might make it into a retirement gig :-)  We were happy to have his company!
Connie, Farah, Amanda & Bella - Thanks Lynn for the photo!
Farah & I had to make a couple stops on our way home.  Ben is visiting for the weekend so we picked up some specialty pop (the old fashioned kind) at McDaniel's Hardware, then vanilla ice cream in Lake Stevens - guess what Ben wanted?  :-) 

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