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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back in the Mountains~

Our 13-mi. loop
It was cold again last night - we were at 26 degrees early this morning.  Another hard frost.  Joyce & I had planned to ride & were leaving from her house by shortly after 11 a.m.  It's lucky for us both - that Joyce's schedule works out so well & we can ride during the warmest time of these short days.
New Clear Cut
 The first surprise was another new clear cut, just since last time we were up this way.  We actually enjoyed it though - the sun was so bright, so warm, that it was tempting to just tie the horses & sit down to enjoy it!  We didn't though :-)  We also wanted to cover some ground & see if any other cutting was under way.  We didn't find any - that was nice.  Farah was happy to be with her friend Target & he puts up with her.  They graze nose to nose :-)  Farah was on her "A" game today too, we had a good run & she really seemed to enjoy being back in open country.  I did too~
Our way up~
The colors seemed so bright - sky very blue, but as we were heading back, we could see clouds moving in from the west.  A couple times during the ride we rode through warm pockets of air.  There have been times, on warm days, that we've ridden through cool pockets too - something to do with the way the air currents move on the mountain.

By about 2:30, the day was already cooling down!  I made a stop at the store, but still made it home in time to give Farah a warm bath - overdue!  At least with the cloud cover, the temperatures have stayed mild - a nice break from the usual bitter cold!  We've covered over 1,300-miles so far this year, with Farah thriving on the work - 4th place this week in the Derby with a month to go~

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