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Monday, November 25, 2013

Redmond Watershed Preserve~

Ice on the Wetland
The morning was cold, but not as cold as it has been!  I was driving down to ride with Lynn & two new to me friends - Mary & Susan!  By the time I pulled in, even though we were in the shade of the tall trees - the day was Warming!  Two of the horses with us were both just getting back on the trails after different issues they're recovered from.  With the trails still very slippery in places, we set a reasonable pace.
Beautiful Home
 We'd ridden past this home last week & today I had to take a photo.  Such a beautiful place with the covered parking for an auto on the front.  Something like carriages used to pull under while their passengers disembarked in the past.

Before long, the day warmed enough that I actually felt warm for the first time in days!  The jacket came off & the temperature was perfect!  We decided to do the four-mile loop on Redmond Ridge & found the trails there in Great shape - perfect for some good trotting!
15-miles of loops
Just as we were returning to the start of the loop, we were jumped by at least 8 to 10 dogs - all off leash!  A lady was with them - obviously someone being Paid to dog-sit.  She was yelling for the dogs, trying to get through the brush that separated the trail we were on - from the clearing around the drainage basin.  These dogs had No Clue & were barking & one big poodle type actually tried to run right at Farah - who was in the lead.  Luckily for us, all three horses were dog savvy & didn't kick out.

After I was done yelling at the woman for her stupidity - I did wonder what the dogs owners would think - if they were returned with broken bones from a well placed & well deserved kick!  Once we came into the open, I rode up to see where the dogs had gone & watched as they were quickly loaded into a van parked by the back of an industrial building.

The day seemed to fly by - Lynn had to remind us that we hardly had time to get back to the trailers before dusk.  I wouldn't want to cross those busy roads in the dark!   We covered 15-miles again & felt very lucky to be getting in such good riding so late in November!

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