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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Final Shoes of 2013!

Front hooves freshly trimmed
Seems hard to believe that we're coming to the close of another year - a year that Farah & I have spent mostly out on the trail!  Justin had wanted me to pull shoes for a while this winter, but understands that I want to continue riding in December - at least when the weather permits!
Hinds too
I felt pretty lucky - Farah actually had some decent growth to trim off in the six-weeks since her last shoeing on Oct. 30.  Since we had that - I felt OK in setting new steel.  We were lucky that today has warmed up to 33, warmer than yesterday's high here on the Homestead of 29!
All done!
Within a short time - with both Justin & Tony working - Farah's feet were all done & look Great!  Fingers crossed that this shoeing & these shoes will take us over my mileage goal for this year & across the finish line of the Distance Derby on December 31st.!

Ride ON!

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