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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Night Lights!

It's dark early!  It's Cold all day long!  It's frosty & the frost lends a touch of white to early mornings & late afternoons!  All this is our clue that it's time to light things up!  Of course - we do keep some lights up year around - I enjoy the glow.
Cottage & Bridge at Squirrel Tail x-ing
The lights on the wood shed are called "Celebration" & they actually twinkle.  Not the obnoxious twinkle that is more of a blink - I can do without those.  We've not been able to find any more like them.  I found them in the bottom of a box of lights - never used until we put them up last season & they're still working!
The red bucket above was one of those real finds that you're always so happy that you went ahead & bought!  We found it years ago in a junk store in Arlington - I think we paid maybe $5. & I've never seen another like it.  Every year it goes up on the wood shed.
Barn & Sequoia
We planted the Sequoia for our 25th wedding anniversary.  It's first year in the ground, it lost almost half of the new growth - we were so worried about it's survival that we checked back with Machias Nursery.  They assured us that it would survive & thrive.  Now, it's getting large enough that in another few years, it will own the hill!  They are almost impossible to decorate, the limbs are so soft - but Butch managed it & the result can be seen over the top of the cedars at the bottom of the pasture & down to the main road.
Twig Tree
Finally, the little twig tree with it's antique bell ornaments lights up the front porch.  The wind sock we bought in Redmond back in the 80's.  Since it only flies once a year - it's held up well.  I hope you've enjoyed your night time visit to the Homestead during the holidays!

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