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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ridin' TNT!

A thin sheet of ice over the wetland~
We were ready for a ride!  The temperatures had dropped down again overnight, to the low 30's this morning, but the day was clearing & warming - a perfect opportunity to get in a decent long ride!  I met Joyce at the Morgan Horse Club & we headed out.  It only took about five seconds in our saddles to realize that we were both riding Very Animated horses!  Very!  Farah was as tight as a wound clock & Target was the same!  Joyce said;  "Hill!...  We're going to head for the hill!"
I did smile :-)
We did our best to keep to a controlled trot as we headed that direction.  Our hands were full!  Both horses were feeding off each other's energy & we were both wondering if we were crazy taking them out!
Joyce & Target
Farah is in heat again & it's a strong one.  Joyce had brought her dog Jackson & he's gone with us before, so that was nothing new - except - one second we were trotting - the next - I felt Farah collect & in an instant she'd struck out & kicked Jackson!  Hard!  He howled in pain, fell back - then came back toward us - still able to walk, but blood dripping from his tongue & swollen knot on the top of his head.   Having been around dogs most of her life, this was the first time that she's struck out...  We had that bunch of dogs run at us a couple weeks ago at the Watershed & even then, when I actually wished she had - she didn't kick.

Jackson was following close, but that was still no excuse.  Now, I'll need to be on guard to be sure she doesn't do it again!  Poor Jackson...  & he was having such fun being out with us...
Today's Ride~
Though we didn't have time to do the Big Climb - the one we did do improved the temperaments of both horses.  As we looped back on trail - we were sinking in over 4" in places.  The ground had frozen, been raised by the ice, then when the ice melted, the soil stayed raised.  For no more rain than we've had, it was muddy going here & there.  We finished the ride with two horses who'd had an attitude adjustment!  :-)

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