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Friday, December 6, 2013


It's not often in this state that we get freezing temperatures for long stretches.  This December is the exception.  The temperatures started dropping over last weekend - by Monday our high was only the mid-30's.  Today, we woke to 18 degrees & more of the blazing sunshine that has accompanied the cold, along with a breeze that seems to be coming from the north.  That breeze creates a good wind-chill & I don't want to know what that might be!
Santa looks festive on the Barn~
I did put our Santa flag up on the barn - when I went up to do chores this afternoon.  Farah was Very Full of herself & used watching me walk/crunch down from the woods, as an excuse to do some running & bucking & even flagged her tail!  (Something my 1/4 Arab doesn't do often!  :-) 
Coming my way!
Fun to watch - but not when the ground is so hard, frozen & slippery.
Half-way through her seventh year~
Luckily - it didn't last long & she was smart enough to keep it under some control.   Once that was out of her system, she snorted, blew - then walked up for attention :-)  I'm really starting to see maturity in her face this winter.  Now...  if it would ever warm back up a little - we could get out on the trails again.  Instead - I'm relegated to house work, more decorating & baking! 

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