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Friday, December 20, 2013

First Snow of Almost Winter~

Cottage in Winter White
How wonderful it is to wake to a world covered in white!  The first snow of the season is always special - just because it's the first.  Annika was thrilled at the snow - already on the run as I came out the door!
Nika on the fly!
Of course it was a day that I had errands to run, so I warmed up the Bronco for the trek to Arlington.  The roads were covered in snow, no sanding out our way - but as I went further north - some sand had been put down & that turned the snow on the roads to slush.  I decided to err on the side of caution & set the Bronco to 4-wheel drive.
Downtown Arlington
I always love dropping down the hill into Arlington - from my direction.  It always looks like a postcard perfect small town from fifty-years ago.  A town that's served as our hometown for many years.  I had a vest that I'd bought from Nordstrom & never worn.  This year - it's in fashion - but was way too big.  I stopped in at Sunshine Cleaners, to ask if they would have time to do the alternations while I was in town?  The answer?  Yes!  That's a small town & small town service!  An hour later - my nails were done & I picked up the vest - ready to wear!
Heading home, the roads were actually worse, some melting & a combination of sleet & rain - making more slush out of the snow.  While I do love snow, especially powder snow - I'll be happy to see this one melt away!


  1. you get as excited as i do about the first snow: ) remember listening to the radio as a child waiting for school closures? since winter doesn't really start here until christmas, i'm dreading all the early morning shovelling i'll have to do (for my man to get to work since i'm unemployed). and i hate searching for horse manure under the snow, and having it frozen solid to the ground when found. however, while the snow is actually falling, it will never lose its magic for me.

  2. My dogs love the snow too, they wouldn't stop sprinting around! The aspens are beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful! I sure wish we'd get some snow down here in Portland


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